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Our hotline — The right line for everyone

With our new hotline packages, there's something suitable for everyone. And it always pays off.

Our highlights:

  • Over 94% of faults can be resolved using our hotline.
  • Fixed prices — you always know what to expect.
  • The first 15 minutes are free.
  • Improved routing system — reach the right experts even faster.
HOMAG Service: A lifetime as your production partner
HOMAG Service: A lifetime as your production partner

ServiceRemote — fast and targeted help for service incidents

When your machine is registered with tapio, our service employees can analyze the machine data and information about the machine status if there is a service incident — quickly, effectively and with a targeted focus on finding a solution.

ServiceRemote elevates HOMAG Service to a more advanced level of technology, creating a state-of-the-art TeleService connection. Simply contact TeleService employees as usual via the ServiceBoard app, by telephone or by email and benefit from faster and more focused assistance based on the latest, future-proof technology.

Here's how it works:

  • Register your company at
  • Add your machine to your account
  • Obtain a license for the intelliServiceNet application within 24 hours - completely automatically and free of charge

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The TeleService solution of the future

Software support — focus on the heart of the operation

Since the software used by our machines plays a fundamental role in your process, we have formed a team that is wholly dedicated to providing support for it. They are based all around the world and also capable of handling questions about third-party software.

We formed the team with one key aim in mind: Ensuring faster commissioning and a shorter start-up phase.

  • All our experts can be reached via a central system. Our software support service is networked worldwide and has knowledgeable points of contact located in many countries.
  • We offer support on a regional level, in many cases in the respective local language.
  • We have a proactive approach to our customers so we can plan for the required deadlines in advance.
  • We ensure that our products work in the customer environment and arrange interfaces with other software suppliers. We take care of everything for you!
  • Support for HOMAG software updates, upgrades and digital assistants — from a single source. And all that for a machine's entire service life!

Updates and upgrades?

E.g. our woodWOP application software or Cut Rite optimization software

Click here to start modernizing your machines

Need a Service contact?

Find the right contact person for your machine

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