Digital support for every machine operator

What do you do when unfamiliar error messages are displayed on the machine? How can you prevent unexpected standstills? There are situations in which even experienced machine operators do not know what to do. Our new serviceAssist app will help you find a solution quickly in exactly these moments in future — without direct assistance from a HOMAG service employee. Invest in a digital assistant in the Service area and take the next step toward digital support for every machine operator together with us.


  • In many cases, machine operators can prevent potential malfunctions themselves
  • Increased plant availability thanks to fast troubleshooting
  • Continuous improvement thanks to a constantly expanding knowledge base
  • Fast help thanks to the connection with ServiceBoard if the suggestions were not helpful

  • Open and closed messages are displayed for every machine in a clear overview

    • White = current messages
    • Green = closed messages
  • Messages that have occurred multiple times are grouped together

  • Overview of all machines in the tapio customer account with the following information:

    • Availability of solution proposals
    • Machine is connected to tapio and sends machine data to serviceAssist
  • History overview: display and hide previous messages

  • Continuous adjustment of the information on probability of success thanks to feedback from every user about whether the proposed solution was helpful

serviceAssist can currently be used for the following machines:

  • SORTBOT R-300 (RKT100)

  • PAQTEQ C-250 (VKS200, VKS250)

  • CABTEQ T-200 (MDE120)

  • CABTEQ T-250 (MDE160)

  • STORETEQ S-200 (TLF212)

  • CENTATEQ P/E-300 (BMG311, BMG312)

  • CENTATEQ P/E-310 (BMG310)

  • CENTATEQ P-500 (BMG511, BMG512)

  • CENTATEQ P-600 (BMG611)

  • CENTATEQ S-800 (BMB8xx)

  • CENTATEQ S-900 (BMB9xx)

  • EDGETEQ S-380 (KDF4xx, KDF6xx, KDN4xx, KDN6xx)

  • SAWTEQ B-300 (HPP300)

  • SAWTEQ B-400 (HPP400)

  • SAWTEQ B-500 (HPP500)

  • WALLTEQ M-120 (WMS060)

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