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Find HOMAG Automation (BARGSTEDT & LIGMATECH) products here ➤ HOMAG

The HOMAG Group is the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and woodworking shops.

Here you will find the proven former HOMAG Automation woodworking machines (BARGSTEDT and LIGMATECH) in the usual quality under the HOMAG brand.

HOMAG Automation Panel Storage Systems (BARGSTEDT)

HOMAG Automation Sorting Buffering and Collating Systems (BARGSTEDT)

HOMAG Automation Assembly Technology (LIGMATECH)

HOMAG Automation Packaging Technolgy (LIGMATECH)

HOMAG Automation Technology (LIGMATECH)

Modernizations and updates for software and controls can be found under Service.

Service for BARGSTEDT and LIGMATECH Woodworking Machinery

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Spareparts for BARGSTEDT and LIGMATECH Machinery you find in the eShop.

More Information

Feed and Stacking

Storage Systems

  • Single-axis feeder STORETEQ F-100

    • Fully automatic board handling: Increases your productivity and saves time

    • Fits in any workshop: The space-optimized feeder requires hardly any floor space

    • Intuitive operation: You operate the feeder conveniently directly a your HOMAG saw

  • Storage system STORETEQ P-300 | P-500

    • Optimizes the storage area and saves you valuable production space

    • Optimum material consumption down to the remaining part thanks to sophisticated material management

    • Increase in productivity of up to 40 % without any added personnel requirements

  • Storage system STORETEQ P-310|P-510 P-320|P-520

    • High flexibility thanks to ideal use of the available area even in the smallest of spaces

    • Highly efficient logistics for industry and trade with two bridges

    • existing hall height is converted into new storage space in an optimal and resource-saving way

Sorting Buffering and Collating Systems

Robot Solutions for the Furniture Industry

Return Conveyors

Case Clamps

Cardboard-box Cutting and Closing Machines