Solutions for timber construction

Do you build modern homes from natural wood? Is your business based on intelligent, ener-gy-saving construction? WEINMANN is the right partner for you. We develop high-performance and needs-based solutions for your success. WEINMANN systems are used successfully by carpenters and large manufacturers alike around the world.

„More than 20 years ago, we invested in our first WEINMANN production system — and we are still using that system successfully in our production processes today. We are incredibly impressed by the long service life and the flexibility of the system.“

Jochen Renner, SchwörerHaus KG

WEINMANN has the right technologies for your individual production requirements. We offer solutions on all scales, from stand-alone machines tailored to the specific needs of a work-shop through to complete production systems for industrial applications. The benefits for you: You get everything you need from a single source, from the initial design through to devel-opment, software, production, sales and service.

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