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Service Solutions serviceRemote

Service Solutions serviceRemote

Your TeleService connection

Our HOMAG service experts are available by telephone to answer any questions you may have about machine technology. With serviceRemote, we are now raising our TeleService solution to a higher level of technology. As usual, you will continue to contact our experts via the ServiceBoard app, via telephone or via email. However, you benefit from an even faster and more future-proof technology for our TeleService.


  • Fast and more focused assistance: based on the latest, future-proof technology
  • Transparent connection: current status of the connection between the machine and HOMAG
  • Overview of all remote connections: history of service cases without a direct connection
  • Production can be resumed faster: thanks to extended access to helpful physical data
  • Predictive maintenance: thanks to enhanced diagnostic options and various service apps

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Technical Data

serviceRemote replaces our existing TeleServiceNet and is installed as standard on all new single machines with a Windows operating system. You set the serviceRemote connection up in your tapio account by defining the respective machine in your customer account and assigning the free serviceRemote license to this machine.

he following variants are available:

  • serviceRemote Classic: If you are not interested in having a new TeleService solution, you still have access to the servicePortal ( and therefore to your remote service history 
  • serviceRemote Advanced: You enjoy all basic functions of the new TeleService connection based on a faster and more secure technology
  • serviceRemote Premium: In addition to the basic functions, serviceRemote Premium provides access to the machine data, which in many cases leads to the service case being resolved more quickly. To use the Premium version, machines must be connected with tapio (status: tapio connected)