CNC Gantry-Processing Center CENTATEQ N-210

The new Nesting concepts: Individual automation for furniture production

Our nesting machines allow for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus. The traditional nested based field is in the creation of carcass furniture, or the dividing and finishing of furniture fronts. Automation concepts, which are easy to connect via Plug & Play, offer the possibility of subsequent additions to the machine. Differently equipped drilling gears and tool changers offer a high degree of diversity. With a focus on sustainability, changeover times have been reduced, and chip extraction and vacuum suction have also been optimized.


  • Wide selection of table sizes, from 1.25 x 2.5 m to 2.1 x 7.4 m - also half-size with up to 84 possible vacuum fields.
  • Three possible equipment variants of the table's vacuum field layout are available according to requirements or table size. Classic, Advanced and Premium.
  • Tool changer with space for 8, 14 or 22 tools allows for time-saving handling. Tool changing can be done in parallel with the handling of the panels.
  • 15 different drilling gears are available in various versions consisting of vertical and horizontal spindles and grooving saws.
  • 14 automation concepts – addition via Plug & Play.
  • Simple individual adaptation to the premises and needs on site.
  • Lift tables for loading, automatic belt conveyors for pushing out the parts or handling by means of robots are possible.

  • Processing height in Z-direction to 160mm material thickness possible without any problems.

  • Integration of the infeed device into the machine housing to protect components from dirt and dust and facilitate material handling.

  • Energy efficient machining. Sustainable design for vacuum generation, tool change and suction during nest splitting.

  • Dynamic shuttle operation using separate vacuum supply and ventilation of the table halves for efficient and seamless changeover between left and right table halves.

  • Newly designed MATRIX table with defined grid dimensions. Cross-segment positioning of suction cups possible without restriction.

  • Optimized suction volume thanks to CFD flow simulation. Redesigned central suction nozzle and change in the arrangement of the integrated blowing nozzles. 

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