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Work Preparation intelliDivide Nesting

Work Preparation intelliDivide Nesting

Optimization software for dividing panels in a nesting process.

When you nest your parts in your workshop today, with the right optimization of nesting patterns you can save significant costs. With just a few clicks in our intelliDivide Nesting app, you can get optimized nesting results for your CNC machine. You then simply download the completed woodWOP program (the nest) for your machine.


  • Reduction in personnel and time requirements: automatic nesting of CNC programs in MPR format on unprocessed panels . The optimization starts after the data has been uploaded.
  • Flexible range of applications: can be used for rectangular parts and free-formed parts.
  • Cost saving: Optimal use of the panel material reduces waste and lowers material costs.
  • Clearly: Provision of key figures for the nesting process.
  • Includes material management: The central management of material types and panel sizes is included for your optimization. You can also use the materialManager app very easily in your browser.


  • Rectangular and free-form part optimization

  • Optimization across different panel materials; intelliDivide automatically sorts by material

  • Offcuts can be defined via the length, width and surface

  • Automatic assignment of variables during import

  • Takes the graining profile into account

  • Part-in-part nesting

  • Do not place small parts on the edge

  • Route-optimized processing sequence as well as optimization after a tool change

  • Creation of a separating cut for offcuts

  • Automatic calculation of the material costs

  • Additional output of CSV data for HOMAG labeling systems

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Tutorial intelliDivide Nesting (Optimierungs-Software) – Erste Schritte

Klicken und loslegen: Steigen Sie schnell und einfach in die Nutzung der webbasierten Nestingsoftware intelliDivide Nesting von HOMAG ein.



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