CNC machining centers, CNC processing centers and CNC routers for woodworking

CNC Machining Centers for Woodworking

If you want to buy a new or used CNC router, you expect the machine to solve your manufacturing challenges. HOMAG CNC machining centers offer cutting-edge technology from the world market leader for all woodworking technology for manufacturers of all sizes.

The world market leader HOMAG presents its CNC processing centers:

We offer superior technology and equipment for the highly efficient production of furniture, interior fittings, construction elements, and millwork, for panel processing, plastics and solid wood processing.

Advantages of our CNC machining centres

  • The right clamping system for every task:
    console or flat table, grid table, clamping table, multi-table, twin table, pod and rail table, console table
  • Available in 3, 5, or 5 axis options
  • Heavy machine frame made of a welded steel construction and stable mobile gantry construction
  • Scalable performance through customized assembly of the CNC machining center with milling spindles, drilling gears and tool changers.
  • Quick and easy access to the processing units and aggregates.
  • Maximum visibility into the machine during processing, while at the same time providing protection and reliable safety features for the operator
  • Easy refilling of hot melt glue adhesive
  • Easy and quick loading and exchange of edging materials
  • Energy-efficient extraction with low connection power
  • Reduced power consumption through stand-by operation at the touch of a button

Fields of application of a CNC machining center

With our CNC woodworking machines we offer YOUR solution. With a CNC machining center from HOMAG, you are perfectly prepared for all tasks.

  • staircase production
  • furniture production
  • kitchen and bath cabinets
  • millwork
  • window production
  • door production
  • formed parts
  • interior finishing
  • plastics processing

Equipment features of our CNC routers

As different as the required production demands are, so wide is the range of equipment features and technology. We are able to offer you everything to get the most from your machinery: from tool changers, aggregates, edge processing, console tables, grid tables, vacuum suction cups to tailor-made clamping solutions for our CNC router. 

Process technologies:

  • sawing
  • cutting
  • connecting
  • separate
  • milling
  • drilling
  • glue edges
  • edge finishing
  • measuring
  • 3D machining

Automation of your CNC machining center

With intelligent solutions, we are able to help you extend your CNC machining center into manufacturing cells with automatic material handling and more. From entry into automation to unlimited workpiece handling:

  • attached loaders/feeders
  • robot handling
  • labeling
  • production cell control
  • plant visualization/system visualization

Partnership, solution-oriented, innovative - CNC machining centers from HOMAG.

Nested-Based CNC Routers and Nesting CNC Machines

CNC machines for nested-based wood panel processing.

Our nesting machines and software enable nested-based processing and dividing of wood panel materials, with 3-, 4- or 5-axis technology. Sizing, cutting, and machining wood panels with nesting CNC machines helps save time and material. HOMAG CNC nesting routers can help.

Solutions for Nested-Based CNC Routing and CNC Machining

HOMAG Nesting CNC machining centers and software are fully integrated into all the machining processes:

  • Carcass procressing
  • Cutting and finishing of furniture fronts
  • Processing for modular furniture production
  • “Advanced materials” (e.g. Plexiglas, aluminum, Alucobond).

Various possibilities for the automation of the material handling ensure a high time saving and more effective work.

CNC Drilling and Routing Machining Centers

Drilling and routing in batch size 1 without set-up time, flexibly expandable up to fully automated machining cells

Setup time-free due to workpiece transport with tongs. The machine itself determines the correct position of the collets depending on the machining operations. No additional clamping devices and vacuum pumps required

  • Components from XXS to XXL:
    Safe holding and machining from the smallest drawer panel to the largest panel.
  • Part measurement for validation and offsetting of tolerances
  • Scalable performance through wide selection of drilling gears and expansion with routing spindles and dowels
  • Automation for every need:
    From automatic return to automated cells to integration into production lines