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Production Management ControllerMES

Production Management ControllerMES

Full control for production: The manufacturing execution system ControllerMES

The networking of machines and production processes in times of Industry 4.0 makes a production control system indispensable. ControllerMES offers a modular, scalable and flexible software package for optimal production planning, control and monitoring. From the transfer of your order data to the completion check after final assembly. 


  • The right solution for industrial companies and digitisation-savvy craftsmen
  • Transparency, efficiency and control over production
  • Networked interaction of machines and systems
  • Scalable hand-in-hand with the further expansion of your production
  • Fully updateable, for long-term secure operation in a changing software environment and for extended functionality


  • Capacity-related order scheduling across all production steps

  • Systematic, rule-driven completion of production data, e.g. cutting dimensions, complex edging rules, etc. Monitoring of production and order progress via dashboards

  • Paperless production through delivery of article information to terminals

  • Flexibly adaptable solution for sorting and picking

Technical Data

Transparent mapping of manufacturing intelligence 

ControllerMES ensures intelligently networked information flows within your production as well as to your order entry, for example your ERP.  With ControllerMES, the data from the upstream system is adapted to your production system and completed based on rules. The intelligent library management optimises the information for machines and workstations according to the situation and components. 

Data optimisation of production orders  

  • Generation and adaptation of work plans  
  • Calculation of cutting dimensions 
  • Automatic addition of component-specific data (e.g. for edge banding machine programmes) and provision for the machine controls 

All relevant order information is then used intelligently in production planning, control and monitoring. The networked production organisation becomes transparent. You have full control and know what you are doing. 

  • Flexible scheduling of production with the aid of a capacity overview based on the operations and taking into account possible production routes  
  • Optimal production lot creation  
  • By integrating waste optimisation, material yield and production efficiency can be controlled with pinpoint accuracy  

Complete transparency through automatic and manual feedback 

  • Direct feedback on production progress from networked machines (e.g. saw, edge bander, buffers, sorting storage)  
  • Feedback via manual scanning of barcodes  
  • Completeness check of component groups during manual sorting processes  
  • Completeness check of orders as well as availability of assembly information in final assembly  
  • Support by worker information system via terminals  
  • Organisation of dispatch via package identification and provision of parts lists at terminals 
  • Digital mapping of defective components in ControllerMES, automatic initiation and enforcement of remanufacturing 

Order monitoring and quick reaction capability 

ControllerMES automatically reports back production metrics across the entire horizontal process, consolidates all information and makes it available to production control. Dashboards - also called cockpits - visualise the production status via key figures: This enables you to recognise bottlenecks and irregularities immediately and to react promptly.  Production progress - as well as order progress - is displayed at all times. You can see at a glance where your customer order stands - and whether it is complete. 

Modular design, 100% development and update capability 

Based on the ControllerMES standard core, you can set up individual software modules depending on your production requirements. These are then adapted to your production environment. As a dynamic solution, the production control system is 100% updateable and can thus grow with the surrounding software landscape and the increasing requirements of the production processes. 

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Automatisch Produktionsdaten generieren

Erfahren Sie hier, warum die Softwares ControllerMES und HOMAGiX aus der Produktion von nicht mehr wegzudenken sind.

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    Eine Software, die begeistert! ControllerMES im Einsatz bei der Walter Bosch GmbH

    Dank ControllerMES geht es jetzt schneller in der AV und schneller in der Produktion. Sehen Sie selbst!



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