Edge banding machines EDGETEQ S-380 profiline: 8–20 m/min feed speed

Freely-fittable machines for every requirement

The profiLine modules offer you maximum flexibility. You define the task and we develop a machine that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. Choosing from a wide range of units and different machines stands, you can create a machine that meets your requirements exactly.

(Edge banding machines profiLine 1600/1800: 8–20 m/min feed speed)


  • Complete range of functions available thanks to the freely configurable machine frames
  • Powerful machines for demanding requirements and industrial use
  • Intuitive operation – innovative powerTouch control system

  • Flexible glue application system for easy changing of the color and glue type (EVA, PU)

  • Multifunctional profile trimming for corner rounding and flush trimming

  • Multi-level technology for easy adjustment of the unit when changing materials

  • airTec unit for the perfect zero joint

  • Fully automated machine for excellent flexibility and easy adjustment

 profiLine 1630 - 1891
Machine length [mm]4.770 - 8.260
Workpiece width [mm] 
in case of thickness   8 - 22 [mm]70
in case of thickness   23 - 40 [mm]120
in case of thickness   41 - 60 [mm]150
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 100
Edge thickness [mm]0,4 - 20
Feed speed [m/min]8 - 20

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