Edge banding machines EDGETEQ S-200: 8 ­­m/min feed speed

The perfect starting point

If you are new to mechanical edge processing, you have come to the right place. Fully process your workpieces with joining and profile trimming. All the machines are equipped with a precise gluing unit (i.a. for processing of PUR-glue). On request, we can equip two free spaces for post-processing in accordance with your requirements to provide you with optimum flexibility. Alongside the machine‘s extensive unit equipment, automation of the units is also a possibility. Thanks to their short and compact design, these machines are suitable for use even in the smallest of workshops.

(Edge banding machines Ambition 1100: 8 ­­m/min feed speed)


  • 6 different models to meet every requirement
  • Perfect edges
  • Optimum entry-level machine
  • Short, compact machine
  • Intuitive operation – innovative easyTouch control system
  • Highly flexible configuration

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  • For banding edges of up to 3 mm and workpieces of up to 40 mm (60 mm - 1120 F / 1130 FC)

  • Also available with joint trimming unit for a perfect cut and optimum glue joint quality

  • Glue applied directly onto the workpiece to ensure constant application (i.a. for processing of PUR-glue).

  • Two-motor end-trimming unit for optimum cutting results

  • Contour trimming unit for rounding corners

  • Freely configurable post-processing for a high level of flexibility

Model 1110 - 1110 FModel 1120 C - 1120 FCModel 1120 F - 1130 FC
Machine length [mm]3.6724.2704.570
Workpiece width [mm]
in case of thickness 8 - 22 [mm]7070 70
in case of thickness 23 - 40 [mm]120120120
in case of thickness 41 - 60 [mm]150
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 408 - 40 8 - 40
Edge thickness [mm]0,4 - 30,4 - 30,4 - 3
Feed speed 8 [m/min]888