Electric throughfeed case clamp CABTEQ T-250

Automated carcass assembly with nailing unit

The CABTEQ T-250 automatically presses any carcase gently and to the highest quality. No matter whether sensitive surfaces, thin-walled materials or mitered furniture. The result is absolutely square, stable and cleanly pressed cabinets. The CABTEQ T-250 is also equipped with a nailing unit. This inserts the staples perpendicular to the rear wall, or at an angle between the rear wall and the side/bottom of the cabinet.

(Electric throughfeed case clamp MDE 160)


  • Time efficiency through automatic reloading of the magazine, which can hold up to 10,000 staples, during the furniture process
  • Patented zero-edge pressing allows a freely accessible carcass for fast and simple processing of the rear wall
  • Best suited for series operation, small lots up to batch size 1
  • Can be integrated into an assembly line
  • Simple operation thanks to powerTouch

  • Careful pressing thanks to a possible lower forming pressure

  • Automatic workpiece measurement at the infeed

  • Electronic servo technology with high-precision ball screws allow an exact adjustment according to different parameters and that fully automatically

  • Freely positionable horizontal pressing units

  • Thanks to a reduction in the pneumatic system, the energy expenses are decreased by up to 50%

Carcass dimensions 
Carcass length

250 - 2,500 mm

Carcass depth

120 - 800 mm

Carcass height220 - 1,320 mm
vertikalmax. 30 kN 
horizontal max. 15 kN
Feed speed Transports12 - 40 m/min
Working height500 mm
Weight6.0 t
Operating pressure6 bar
Transport interfaceyes

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