Plastics Processing

Storing – cutting – CNC processing – packaging

Do you process plastic materials such as panels, blocks or perhaps tubes? Then you have come to the right address, because we can offer you the right machinery: from automatic horizontal storage systems and panel dividing saws to CNC processing centers and suitable packaging machines. You will also find all the software solutions you need here.

Benefit from our decades of experience, state-of-the-art technologies and our first-rate service and support around the globe. We offer you efficient turnkey solutions from a single source – for precisely networked production from day one. HOMAG Group machines and systems are finely tuned to each other from the word go, both conceptually and in terms of hardware and software.

Each machine is in itself a top performer; linked together they ensure efficient work flows in plastics processing, from the storage system and cutting process to CNC processing and packaging. To put it briefly, with the HOMAG Group, you will save a great deal of time and money from day one. 

Panel dividing saws

Be it single saws, angular units or large-scale systems, basic equipment or special optional extras — panel saws help you to process your work load with greater flexibility, speed and efficiency. They offer both woodworking shops and industrial customers precision finish cuts for every type of wood-based or plastic panel material.

CNC Router for Plastic Processing

Sawing, routing, drilling, separating, measuring, 3D processing – the variety of processing techniques is as great as the spectrum of features provided by our processing centers.

Cardboard-box Cutting Machines

Cost conscious concepts for packaging up to batch size 1. Every carton a tailor-made suit with best product protection, easy and quick to produce.

Cardboard-box Closing Machines

Storage Systems

Horizontal storage systems offer more leeway in combination with operating machines and in panel varieties. They are the ideal solution for an effective production.