The first quick change system for fastening units

WEINMANN Quick-change system for fasteners fastenerSwitch for multifunction bridges WALLTEQ

The newly developed quick-change system for the multifunction bridge enables maximum flexibility in selecting and using various fastening devices. The separate station offers four additional fastening units, which are removed automatically by the multifunction bridge.

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New! module45 allows you to complete bevel cuts on you HOMAG saw

module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts

Bevel cuts are part of everyday life in the woodworking trade. They are usually dealt with on a separate sliding table saw, after cutting has been completed. However, this increases the amount of handling involved enormously, costing you time and therefore money. Our module45 provides a completely new, low-cost solution.

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intelliGuide: operator assistance system for panel saws

This makes the cutting process fast, simple and intuitive

intelliGuide: fast, simple, intuitive

Technology in the realm of panel cutting is becoming increasingly complex. Will it soon be so complex that only highly specialized machine operators will be able to master it? Our answer is “no”, because HOMAG is eveloping increasingly intelligent operating systems, such as the new operator assistance system  intelliGuide! This effectively guides the operator, making saw operation faster, easier and more intuitive than ever.

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New generation of zero-joint technology

HOMAG airTec is now even more powerful and almost inaudible

airTec rotation air heater HOMAG

The airTec process has become established as the optimum zero-joint solution for trade and medium-sized companies; the optical "zero joint" is the current industry benchmark for quality. To meet the growing demand, HOMAG offers a high-performance airTec solution that ensures the cost-effective use of resources while providing increased efficiency and significantly reduced noise output. The centerpiece of the design is the innovative rotary fan heater.

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