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Automation solutions for carpenters: Small aid with a big impact

Automation solutions make daily working life in the workshop easier. As the ideal supplement for processing machines, they take over the material transport or provide relief in manual work steps.

  • Driverless transport system TRANSBOT Basic — automation from a new perspective
    At 1240 x 695 mm, the TRANSBOT is a compact, high-performance solution. It transports a maximum weight of 1200 kg at a travel speed of up to 60 meters per minute.
  • LOOPTEQ O-300 return — for automated edge processing
    LOOPTEQ O-300 return — for automated edge processing
  • CABTEQ S-250 case clamp — ideal assistant for cleanly pressed cabinet furniture
    CABTEQ S-250 case clamp — ideal assistant for cleanly pressed cabinet furniture
  • PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard cutting machine — optimizes the packaging process with minimum space requirements
    PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard cutting machine — optimizes the packaging process with minimum space requirements

At the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2020 trade fair, HOMAG will show how, when used correctly, automation can transform edging, transport, pressing and packaging.

TRANSBOT — automation from a new perspective

Sometimes, a new perspective helps you to discover opportunities. One of these opportunities is the TRANSBOT system, which enables a completely new type of automation. At HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG will present the basic version of the TRANSBOT system. The solution for automatically transporting materials between processing machines or cells, or even manual workstations, works without any mechanical aids, such as rails. The basic version does not have an overarching control system. A tablet is sufficient to control the TRANSBOT.

If changes are made in the production process—due to the implementation of new machines, for example—the TRANSBOT travel paths in fleet management can be effortlessly adapted to the new conditions. The combination of TRANSBOT and fleet management is comparable to the interaction found in self-driving cars that chart your journey with the aid of a navigation system and sensors.

Driverless transport systems represent automation that is free from rigid interlinking or rigid systems. Thanks to TRANSBOT, a production path can go from machine A to machine B today and to a completely different machine tomorrow. The scalable system opens up brand new possibilities for networking machines and systems and provides the necessary flexibility for further development in the future.

The advantages of the Basic TRANSBOT solution:

  • Logistics is separate from the direct operation of the machine
  • Search and retrieval times are significantly reduced or even eliminated
  • Simple, retrospective changes can be made to the processing order and production
  • Automated workflows and transport that protects the workpieces
  • Simple extension of the TRANSBOT system

LOOPTEQ — return for economic edge processing

As an indispensable aid for economic workpiece return, a LOOPTEQ O-300 is the perfect addition to single-sided edge banding machines.

The LOOPTEQ O-300 is particularly easy to combine with an edge banding machine. Install, connect, begin. Extensive training is not required. The perfect addition to single-sided edge banding machines makes the production process more efficient, regardless of the batch size to be produced.

Thanks to the one-man operation, manual parts handling is reduced to a minimum and is particularly ergonomic. The automatic return of the workpieces also offers enough time for a quality check, as every workpiece automatically goes back to the operator. This provides enough time to inspect every workpiece during edging.

EDGETEQ and LOOPTEQ — big impact in a small space

In combination with the EDGETEQ S-380, the return is an obvious system solution. Even the entry-level model reveals its effectiveness in the smallest of spaces. At the end of the edge processing, the workpiece is transferred to the LOOPTEQ O-300. The workpiece detection identifies the different part sizes at the pusher using sensors. The pusher then moves the workpiece to the return belt via the air cushion table, depending on the size. Transporting the workpieces onto the return belt is also made easier by the inclines on the air cushion table. Finally, at the end of the air cushion table, the parts are brought into position on the return belt around a rotary cone.

Automating the edging process is a prerequisite for more efficiency and is worthwhile for any company. The material flow is of course optimized and the workload for the operator reduced. Saying "yes" to automation for edge processing is therefore not a question of company size, but a precondition for more efficiency. This can be achieved even in the smallest spaces and makes it clear that a return is worthwhile for any company that uses an edge banding machine.

The benefits of the LOOPTEQ O-300:

  • Economical one-man operation
  • Continuous workpiece flow
  • Gentle workpiece handling
  • Ergonomic processes
  • Intuitive operation

CABTEQ — ideal assistant for cleanly pressed cabinet furniture

The CABTEQ S-250 is the ideal assembly assistant for pressing cabinet furniture. The practical design of the machine makes our presses particularly space saving. The CABTEQ S-250 therefore fits in every workshop. Its press plates function as one unit and sit on rubber feet, which provide cushioning. When the plates simultaneously reach the cabinet, the pressure is distributed completely evenly. This ensures that tolerances in the cabinet are better absorbed. Cleanly pressed, sealed cabinets can be achieved, with the benefits of accurate square alignment.

Operation is simple and requires no prior knowledge. Simply place the cabinet in the press and then press the start button. This starts the pressing process. Install, connect and begin.

Two speeds make the machine particularly efficient: an approach speed (rapid speed) and a pressing speed. At the touch of a button, the plates move from their starting position to the pressing position at rapid speed just before hitting the cabinet. The speed then switches to pressing speed. The pressing pressure is infinitely variable from 12 to 18 kN. Depending on the cabinet type, the pressing force can be adjusted to different requirements at the touch of a button. Thanks to a preloading location and a cabinet uprighter, the operator has an environment worthy of their craft. The ergonomic processes make work much easier.

The benefits of the CABTEQ S-250:

  • Practical design saves space
  • Intuitive operation
  • Sealed, cleanly pressed bodies
  • No need for compressed air
  • Plug and play

PAQTEQ — short variant for carpenters

The PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard cutting machine enables individual, customized cardboard packaging for a product—just in time—for optimal product protection. With a width of just 1500 mm, the PAQTEQ C-250 demonstrated at the upcoming HOLZ-HANDWERK fits in every workshop. With minimal space requirements, it optimizes the packaging process fully automatically.

The cardboard cutting machine processes fanfold corrugated cardboard into precisely dimensioned cardboard boxes fully automatically. The machine completes the cutting, perforating and grooving in series operation just as efficiently and reliably as in batch size 1 production. It can do this because the PAQTEQ C-250 works according to the single-point principle and changes over fully automatically within a short time, as and when required. Grooves and cuts can be executed in the running direction of the corrugated cardboard fed in, as well as crosswise to the running direction.

The data is provided via various input options, from manual input to an automatic 3D scan.

Operating the packaging machine is fun. The powerTouch operating concept and the PAQTEQ intelliCut control system make operating the machine child's play. The machine also connects automatically to the PAQTEQ Shop, a modern service tool that is available exclusively to users. With just a few clicks, users can use packaging designs or individual service solutions. All packaging designs can be downloaded easily and transferred directly to the PAQTEQ C-250 control system. The cutting programs also have significant performance specifications and are visualized in 2D and 3D both in the shop and directly on the machine. That also makes operating the machine much easier.

Software features such as the automatic recording of consumables and the determination of waste directly on the cardboard cutting machine also make life easier. The PAQTEQ C-250 is supplied as a machine that can be configured specifically to customers' requirements. Its equipment can be extended on an individual basis as required.

The benefits of the PAQTEQ C-250:

  • Individuality — Conveys its quality to the customer
  • Product protection — Professional and secure packaging
  • Space-saving — Inexpensive production instead of expensive storage
  • Cost-saving — Precisely fitting packaging, finely calculated
  • Sustainability — Cost-effective, customized cardboard boxes

Four aspects allow our small aids to unleash their big impact

Efficiency: Targeted automation often allows enormous savings in production costs. The investments pay off and competitiveness remains ensured.

Time: Our automation solutions can be operated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, without any further effort. 3A lot of products can therefore be produced quickly and new business models can be created.

Slot: Our automation solutions save valuable space in particular in the material transport, and in some regions, space is rare and expensive.

Precision: Even established carpentry businesses are using automation, as it allows a particularly good combination of craft skills and future technologies.

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