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Software for cutting woodWOP CAM Plugin

Software for cutting woodWOP CAM Plugin

Process 3D surfaces with woodWOP

This software module enhances woodWOP, creating a CAD/CAM system that lets you pro-cess 3D surfaces with 3, 4 and 5-axis interpolation depending on the machine equipment.


  • WOP programming, CAD design and a CAM system combined in one software system
  • Simple, entry-level 3D programming solution
  • Can be used for 3-axis machines and up


  • Design 3D surfaces and import 3D models from external CAD systems

  • Automatically generate milling paths from 3-axis processing right through to interpolating 5-axis processing

  • Optimal work preparation when used in conjunction with woodMotion through processing simulations, including material removal, collision detection and time calculation

  • Download woodWOP components

Extensions & special features


Easy programming of workpieces in 3D

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woodWOP CAD Plugin

Create 2D and 3D CAD drawings directly in woodWOP

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Safety in your production process

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woodWOP Webinars

Tips & Tricks for woodWOP

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Software Forum

Tips & tricks, discussions, help from the community.

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HOMAG Academy

Increase the output and efficiency of your machines with well-trained employees.

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HOMAG Service

We believe that good service means providing assistance quickly, as well as being on hand to deliver expert advice. What's more, we like to work closely with our customers.

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