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Software for cutting woodWOP CAD Plugin

Software for cutting woodWOP CAD Plugin

Create 2D and 3D CAD drawings directly in woodWOP

The 2D drawing function gives you a quick and easy way to create contour definitions. Gen-erate 3D surfaces with ease or open finished 3D models directly in woodWOP.


  • Integrated directly in the woodWOP interface
  • Intuitive operation and rapid familiarization with CAD design
  • New product design options


  • Direct import of 2D DXF diagrams

  • Design 3D surfaces and import 3D models from external CAD systems

  • Input wizard provides design support

Extensions & special features

woodWOP CAM Plugin

Process 3D surfaces with woodWOP

Cut Rite nesting

Reduce material offcuts


Safety in your production process


Easy programming of workpieces in 3D