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Storage systems timber construction STOCKTEQ U-330 | U-530

Storage systems timber construction STOCKTEQ U-330 | U-530

Ergonomic transport of wall panels

The up-lifting and distribution trolleys are mainly used in production lines for the transport of your wall panels between different workstations as well as their storage. For this purpose, the panels are placed on trolleys or rollers, transported to the appropriate wall track and then manually pushed out of the up-lifting and distribution trolleys and into the storage location.


  • Horizontal transport of the wall panels
  • Utmost safety at work thanks to the secure transport of panels and extensive safety equipment
  • Easy and safe installation of the panels by means of the hydraulic swivel device
  • Fully automatic procedure possible as an option


  • Hydraulic swivel device enables easy and safe installation of the panels

  • Traversing operation in longitudinal and transverse direction enables an optimized logistics process even across large distances

  • Transport of the installed panels via wall trolleys or loose rollers (individually selectable)

  • Networking with the entire production line and control via PLC

  • Control is either directly on the lifting-up and distribution trolleys or via decentralized control points

Automation & Further Functionality

STOCKTEQ V-300 | V-500

The solution for easy storage

STOCKTEQ V-330 | V-530

Easy window installation

STOCKTEQ D-300 | D-500

Flexible transport of wall panels