CNC Programming Software woodWOP

Easy programming of workpieces in 3D

The woodWOP interface is centered around the large graphics area. The workpiece, processing steps and clamping equipment are displayed in 3D. Trimming, bore holes and saw cuts can be programmed quickly and easily by entering the processing parameters, and can then be checked immediately in the graphics area. This optimizes programming reliability and enables you to constantly monitor the creation of the program.


  • WOP programming, CAD and CAM combined in a single software program
  • Very easy to use and offers improved programming reliability thanks to its modern 3D interface
  • Can be expanded with various high-performance add-on modules

  • Numerous standard processing steps, such as bore holes, saw cuts and pocket trimming, ensure that it is easy to get the program started

  • Easily save your own processing steps and insert at the click of a mouse using components

  • Global online forum for CNC programming:
    Share your ideas with colleagues!

  • Automatically generate milling paths from 3-axis processing right through to interpolating 5-axis processing with the CAM plugin (optional)

  • Design 3D surfaces and import 3D models from external CAD systems with the CAD plugin (optional)

  • Work preparation is optimized thanks to a simulation of the processing steps with material removal, collision detection and time calculation with woodMotion (optional)

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