Edgebanding: Future-oriented solutions for carpenters/joiners in all performance classes

At HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG will be presenting a wide range of edge banding machines, from the entry-level models to industrial production. Digitalization plays a central role here.

NEW: EDGETEQ S-300 — The two-profile technology on the single-motor profile trimming unit scores on all levels.

The equipment of the EDGETEQ S-300, model 1440 E, offers competitive advantages for both woodworking shops and small- and medium-sized businesses — especially in the case of frequently changing edge thicknesses.  

The two-profile technology—here with the profiles R1 and R2—on the single-motor profile trimming unit is a world first: easy processing thanks to the fast, precise change by touch via the control system. Setup times and the machine length are shortened, thereby increasing cost efficiency. 

Digital production, automation and perfect edge quality with the EDGETEQ S-500 series.

NEW: woodCommander 5 software generation

For years, the EDGETEQ S-500 series has stood for variable and efficient machines in the higher performance class. It is now equipped with the new woodCommander 5 software version, which offers additional internal and external options for data exchange.

woodCommander 5 is faster, safer and more flexible. The software is designed to select processing programs and edge material and enables the reliable and fast recording of production parameters as well as the workpiece-oriented creation of machine programs. 

Faster: With clever grouping of levels of information, fewer clicks are required to produce the desired results. Relevant parameters can be displayed dependent on the situation. Preview images based on 3D simulation enable faster program changes.  

Safer: The real 3D workpiece simulation, the display of the dimensions directly on the 3D workpiece and the automatic check of impermissible parameter combinations guarantee a high level of operating safety. Having fewer test workpieces also results in real time and cost savings. The individual processing steps resulting from the simulated effects on the workpiece as well as the switchable tool track must be captured at first glance. 

More flexible: Thanks to the operator-specific arrangement of parameters and the integrated user rights management, personnel have a lot of flexibility when operating the machine. In addition, widgets, e.g. for programs or edge material, simplify the handling. 

NEW: Edge data management with woodCommander 5

With the Edge data plug-in software module, woodCommander 5 creates a direct connection between the machine control unit and the edgeband assistant ("Edgeband Management Set"). This wizard helps you keep an overview of all information about your edge material and your material inventory. Leading edge suppliers, such as Rehau and Ostermann, already make their edge information available via tapio. Data such as edge thickness, edge height and available length of the selected edge roll are transferred directly to the machine using the Edge data plug-in from the edgeband assistant app. For the operator, this eliminates the need for manual and redundant intermediate steps when recording the edgeband data. This not only saves time, but also eliminates possible input errors. Another plus: The data transfer is not a one-way street — the edge banding machine also reports the remaining length of the edge roll back to the app. This means that the edge stock is always up to date for the machine operator as well as for colleagues in work preparation and purchasing.  

EDGETEQ S-380 and the LOOPTEQ O-300 return conveyor — as a cell 

The combination with the return significantly increases the productivity of the edge banding machine. The LOOPTEQ O-300 return conveyor is designed for a wide range of parts, from small and light workpieces to large and heavy ones. The units are controlled intuitively and the parameters are entered using powerTouch — the 24-inch multitouch monitor. 

For perfect glue joints, the EDGETEQ S-380 is equipped with the universal QA65N application unit and the universal melting unit (2.5–4 kg/h), which can be used for production with PUR or EVA. 

The change of glue type in the universal melting unit can be performed quickly and easily with two special interchangeable tanks for PUR cartridges or EVA granulate.  The two interchangeable tanks will be presented live for the first time in this machine performance class at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022. They were introduced on several EDGETEQ series in the fall of 2021. 

The universal application unit is equipped with automatic glue quantity metering. Via the powerTouch user interface, the glue application quantities are set simply, precisely and quickly. This leads to optimum glue joint quality, higher availability and performance, as well as greater cost efficiency. 

NEW: Additional use for the XES 200 service station.

The XES 200 is ideally suited for storing the QA application units, the various adhesive application systems from HOMAG. In addition, there is also room for the PUR melting units (up to 4 kg/h) and their interchangeable tanks on the XES 200, which needs just one square meter of space. 

The powerEdge Pro and Pro Duo CNC application units can now also be stored in the service station. The XES uses a Venturi nozzle to create the vacuum without a vacuum pump and nitrogen. It does not require electricity or compressed air during storage. 

As a pre-heating and cleaning station for HOMAG application units, the XES 200 is also a permanent fixture for the edge banding machines. 

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