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WEINMANN Treff 2021: Building the future together

This year, from November 17 to November 19, WEINMANN is once again presenting the latest solutions for timber construction at its factory in St. Johann. Technical presentations from practice and the accompanying exhibition offer a wealth of knowledge on current market trends. At the industry conference for timber construction, there are also plenty of opportunities to make contact and exchange ideas and information with others

  • WEINMANN Treff 2021
    WEINMANN Treff 2021 — The industry conference for timber construction
  • WEINMANN fully automatic deposit of panels with a robot
    Flexible, autonomous production cell with fully automatic panel deposit.
  • Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120.
    Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120.
  • WEINMANN WALLTEQ M-300 insuFill
    WALLTEQ M-300 insuFill insulating station for wall, roof and floor elements.

Experience solutions for timber construction live.

Assembly tables: Universally applicable
Carpentry tables enable timber construction companies to easily manufacture timber frame construction elements with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including wall, roof, floor and gable elements. The higher level of prefabrication and the consistently high quality increase efficiency in the production of timber frame elements.
Various versions of the assembly tables can be seen at the WEINMANN Treff:

  • BUILDTEQ A-500 carpentry table:The universal tool for carpenters
  • BUILDTEQ A-300 self-assembly table:The flat-pack solution

NEW: Fully automatic deposit of panels with a robot A flexible, autonomous production cell with an integrated robot will be presented at the WEINMANN Treff. This cell offers not only efficient production and an attractive, ergonomic workstation, but also maximum availability and reliability.
The panels are held in reserve in various dimensions in a stack of unprocessed material. The robot removes the panels fully automatically, aligns them, deposits them with a high level of precision and fixes them in place. The entire operation, from picking up the panels, through alignment up to deposit, takes just 30 seconds. 
The WALLTEQ M-120 multifunction bridge takes over the attachment and processing of the panels. Equipped with a fastenerSwitch quick-change system, the bridge has additional attachment devices that the WALLTEQ M-120 inserts automatically. The robot and the multifunction bridge work in parallel.

All-rounders for timber construction: investment in the future
Sawing, trimming, drilling, stapling, nailing, screwing, insulating — and that's not all. The multifunction bridges are real all-rounders and can be expanded on an individual basis. Depending on the performance and product range required, different versions are available to suit the respective requirements. A wide variety of elements and materials are processed fully automatically with one machine. The optimal solution for production in batch size 1 and future requirements.

Shown live at the WEINMANN Treff:

  • WALLTEQ M-120 multifunction bridge: With low procurement costs, this machine is the perfect entry-level solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses and works highly efficiently even with small quantities. This multifunction bridge is equipped with holders for stapling and nailing devices and a trimming unit to complete the automatic fastening and processing of the sheathing.
  • WALLTEQ M-380 multifunction bridge: Can be configured individually: the device carrier beams are configurable from both sides and have a maximum of 4 axes, offering space for up to 16 units. This enables a wide bandwidth of different processing activities. 
  • WALLTEQ M-300 insuFill multifunction bridge: The WALLTEQ M-300 insuFill can be used as a pure insulating station for wall, roof and floor elements. The blow-in plate can be rotated 90° and ensures an optimal and uniform density distribution of the insulation material per compartment. This significantly reduces the amount of dust that employees are subjected to. Verifiable fill quantities and seamless documentation ensure consistently high quality.   
  • WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill multifunction bridge: Fully automatic insulation, attachment, and processing with just one machine. There are a number of processing and attachment options available.
  • fastenerSwitch quick-change system: In addition to the devices available on the multifunction bridge, a separate station offers four additional fastening units. The multifunction bridge uses the data record to change the required attachment device fully automatically depending on the material — As the units no longer have to be changed manually, idle times and setup times are minimized.

Beam processing: precise and flexible
From fast cutting to complex beam processing, the machines in the BEAMTEQ series offer the right support. The carpentry machines are used in both carpentry work and commercial beam production and offer a wide range of processing options. The machines do their work at high speed and with a high level of precision, thus increasing the efficiency in production and on the construction site significantly.

  • BEAMTEQ B-660 carpentry system: All six sides of the component in one throughfeed

Digital tools: practical items for production

As a complete system provider, WEINMANN offers fully integrated solutions for driving timber construction forward toward wood work 4.0. An integrated data flow and the corresponding information flow enable an efficient and flexible production process. Software is increasingly becoming the decisive factor for the benefits of machines. At the WEINMANN Treff, visitors will find a wide range of new, digital products, which provide a decisive advantage in everyday work with CNC-controlled machines or automated systems. Experts from the software department will be available for questions and advice.

  • materialAssist transport – the app for simplified logistics: The newly developed materialAssist transport app offers the solution for optimized and simplified logistics. The combination of WEINMANN software and production control station delivers up-to-date data on warehouse stocks and recognizes pending material requirements in production. The software forwards this data to the app directly and displays it for the employee. The forklift truck driver can then use their mobile end device to call up the orders directly and provide the material required at the correct time. A small tool with a big effect: the employee responsible in logistics receives up-to-date information about the material levels directly and can thus provide the required material at the correct time.  

More than just machines.

Every timber construction company has its own specific requirements and individual needs. WEINMANN offers the entire package, from consulting, through training up to extensive service options. Visitors to the WEINMANN Treff can engage in direct dialog to find out more about performance packages.

Consulting and training to increase efficiency
In addition to training courses for machines, systems or software, WEINMANN offers continuous further education and qualifications to prepare carpentry businesses and prefabricated house manufacturers for current and future challenges in an ideal way. And the range available also covers a lot more offers. Visitors to the WEINMANN Treff can take the opportunity to discuss and exchange information about the offers directly.
Timber construction is showing enormous growth. To allow them to react flexibly to market requirements and to cope with high demand, companies are therefore having to automate and optimize their production. Responsible handling of wood resources is not only relevant from an ecological perspective; with rising market costs, there are also pertinent business reasons. Efficient and sustainable production processes are decisive for successful company development. Schuler Consulting, which has been advising its customers in the international wood and furniture industry for more than 60 years, supports the development of customer-specific, optimal production. At the WEINMANN Treff, visitors can find out more about these services. Local experts will be available for individual questions. 

Service: by your side at all times
As a competent and reliable partner, WEINMANN also supports its customers in all things service — both with innovations and trusted classics: from spare parts management, through inspections and maintenance to remote service or modernization offers. The eShop is the first point of contact. Here, timber manufacturers can find suitable spare parts and other services quickly and easily.

  • Plenty on offer: spare parts, services and machine information: Finding the right spare part is now even faster and more straightforward. The new HOMAG eShop enables users to quickly and easily choose compatible spare parts or equipment, find out how much they cost and how long they take to deliver and then place an order directly if the item is available. There is currently a further benefit for orders in the eShop for registered customers from Germany and Austria: shipping free of charge and a 5% online discount on all spare parts. 
  • Service assistants: real support for service needs: In the event of a service need, it's essential to find the right contact person straight away − for example, for unknown fault messages on a machine. Digital service assistants can be a real help in these situations. With the ServiceBoard, WEINMANN customers can reach the right service contact person quickly and easily and can send service requests around the clock. Visitors to the WEINMANN Treff can learn how the digital assistants work in detail and in practice. The service experts from WEINMANN are also available for individual discussions.  
  • Modernization: Upgrade to Windows 10: Even though older systems continue to be supported, it's worth thinking about an update. Windows 10 offers you the best compatibility, increased efficiency and, above all, state-of-the-art performance. An upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system increases the efficiency of everyday work and makes it easier to integrate other current software solutions. WEINMANN offers its customers tailored upgrades and modernization packages. The WEINMANN Treff will provide more detailed information about how the upgrade can be implemented quickly and easily. 

Market trends, technical presentations and an exhibition

Once again this year, experts at the WEINMANN Treff will give interesting presentations on topical trends from timber construction, such as the construction of multistory buildings and modules, as well as on the topic of digitalization in construction. Practical examples of automation in production round the offer off.
At the accompanying exhibition, interested parties can talk to manufacturers from the areas of CAD systems, fastening devices, insulating technologies and tools.

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