fastenerSwitch – the first quick-change system for fastening units

The newly developed quick-change system for the multifunction bridge enables maximum flexibility in selecting and using various fastening units. This innovation could be seen for the first time at the WEINMANN Treff 2019 and immediately gained many fans.

In addition to the units available on the multifunction bridge, a separate station offers four additional fastening units. The multifunction bridge uses the data record to change the required fastening unit fully automatically depending on the material. The multifunction bridge removes different fastening units from the quick-change system automatically – from stapling and nailing units to wide crown stapling units to units for wood nails. At 500 mm in length, the space required increases only marginally. It's the ideal solution for enabling even smaller businesses to achieve broad diversity in the selection of fastening units.

Thanks to a binary coding of each and individual fastening pick-up position, the multi-function bridge automatically checks with each change procedure whether the correct fastening unit is available at its respective position. Wrongly positioned fastening units are immediately identified and an error message is generated and displayed to the operator on the user interface screen. This not only reduces the risk of errors, but also prevents damage to the materials being processed. Safety throughout the entire production process is again significantly increased. 

The benefits

  • Significant time saving when changing fastening units: the automatic change process takes place within just one minute.
  • Idle times and setup times are minimized and machine availability is increased by up to 15%. 
  • High flexibility: the correct fastening unit for every material.
  • Fast and easy adjusting for the correct static: the required angle of the clamping devices is set automatically between 0-90°.

The new quick-change system fastenerSwitch is compatible with all multifunction bridges (WALLTEQ M-120 / M-300 / M-340 / M-380).

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