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Individuality is the key! Supreme discipline batch size 1

Individual design, customization and fast delivery require an intelligent production with optimal material flow. Batch size 1 production requires an absolute process command. Right here we have the best knowledge. Today we offer you best technical solutions for your tomorrow’s production. An example is the new collating center TLB 321.

  • Collating center SORTEQ R-200 (TLB 321) | HOMAG
    Sorting in batch size 1 - that is possible with the collating center TLB 321

Material management with more than 100,000 articles or machines that process more than 10,000 parts - both is no longer special for medium-sized companies, but is a prerequisite to remain competitive. How is it possible to produce profi tably and deliver "just in time" assortments even in batch size 1? HOMAG has the answer.

Operating machines working in an automated environment have a clearly greater utilization factor than machines that are supplied manually in a traditional way with material. Automation solutions of HOMAG connect individual machines to userfriendly operation cells with high added value due to the control by intelligent software.

Material flow with superhuman reliability

Sorting in batch size 1. That is possible with the collating center TLB 321. Arriving panel streams are decoupled, sorted and provided to the next process in ideal order. The material is exactly positioned already when taken out of the transport belt. The new designed carriage whose surface can be flexibly used will be especially helpful in this respect.

The carriage design also ensures better space use of the shelves, which can be served by the transport element carriage. The reason is the simultaneous transport and telescoping of workpieces onto the carriage. Using the TLB 321 enables ideal use of sheds, multiple storing of workpieces in a row and side by side, and an optimal utilization of the available space.

However, the carriage is only one component of the new development. There are interesting developments in the topic of maintainability. The switch cabinet is a fixed component of the carriage frame and in the event of maintenance can be driven in an ideal position for the user. Several quick-change modules have also been integrated into the TLB to maintain various components without significant loss of time.

In the end, the use according to size and capacity is only limited by the range of laser measurement. A sorting alley can be extended up to a length of 45 meters module by module due to the unitized scalable modular system. How many of these alleys are positioned next to each other depends on the customer's requirements. Finally, the customer has to decide.

Uwe von Allwörden, Technical Sales Manager: "Today, it is our demand to develop affordable machines for all market segments so that also a handicraft enterprise may partly be automated. In this respect intelligent material streams are important which are only enabled through a continuous data management, and a project team that develops solutions by design."

From small to large, single to complex

HOMAG machines change furniture production in a revolutionary manner due to the material and data flow. The optimal capacity utilization of the operating machines and production center is a key element of the production's organization. Intelligent continuous software solutions link operation cells through innovative feeding and stacking systems, robot guided pick & place applications, and automatic storage and collating systems.

The result: Efficiency and productivity multiply. Precision and repeat accuracy on high availability and process safety are improved in yet unknown magnitude. The fully automatic material management reduced costs in noticeable degrees.

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