Window production: new perspectives

Larger, more complex, more unique: The requirements applied to window production have become considerably more specific in recent years. New aesthetic requirements and increasingly unique window designs require a special solution.

We offer you the necessary technology and flexibility.

Your solution for individual windows, doors, and more: slim and flexible

Machining centers CENTATEQ P-310
Driving portal machining centers for the universal machining of windows and doors. Your entry point for the production of windows, special elements and supplementary products.

Your solution for individual windows, doors and more: Maximum stability and effectiveness

Machining centers CENTATEQ P-500

Driving portal machining centers with heavy SORB TECH mineral cast machine bed. Extensive configuration options for high performance for the manufacture of windows, special elements and supplementary products.

Your solution for individual windows, doors and more: Maximum automation and flexibility

Machining centers CENTATEQ S-800 | 900

Machining centers for automated window production from entry-level to system concepts for industrial multi-shift operation. Autonomous processing through automated loading and unloading of parts. The additional console table can be used to process arcs and to bring panels in shape. One machine for all components.

Window production with the HOMAG powerProfiler

Window production: The 3rd generation of the powerProfiler - dynamic, fast, precise and flexible

TapeLine - glass adhesive technology

Gluing the glass pane in the glass rebate for an optimized window system:
Efficient window production through to low-maintenance use in buildings

Your advantages through dry bonding

  • Less wood use
    Significantly slimmer window profiles can be used on the basis of dry bonding. The dry bonding brings the stiffness, which is reduced by narrow profiles. Smaller cross-sections of the raw edge can be used. It saves costs in wood procurement. In addition, considerably more daylight enters the interior through the windows and the windows are given a slim look.
  • Glazing without silicone joint
    The dry bonding creates the seal to the glass pane in the interior. It can be painted over permanently - in contrast to the silicone joint or push-in seal. With an opaque coating, the narrow side of the adhesive tape takes on the lacquer and thus the color of the wood surface. With a transparent coating, the deep black color of the adhesive tape corresponds perfectly to the bond of the pane composite.
  • Short production times and easy assembly
    With machine technology from HOMAG, all machining operations on the window can be carried out efficiently and precisely.
    This also applies in particular to screwed counter corner connections, special longitudinal profiles for narrow face widths and all types of hardware millings.
    In order to manufacture as efficiently and effectively as possible, constructions on this basis are ideal. Dry bonding gives the overall system the necessary stability.
    Marking holes or millings for striking plates significantly reduce process times in final assembly.
    Of course, all other types of corner connections and profiles can also be produced.
  • Reduced blocking
    The sash is stiffened by gluing the pane. This creates an optimal flow of forces along the entire circumference of the disc. The classic padding of the pane is no longer necessary. Only spacers for positioning the pane and lower support blocks are still required.
 Integral windows

Integral windows

What are the benefits of dry bonding for your customers?

  • Low maintenance
    A firm bond is created by gluing the glass and frame. Adjustment work along the application period is significantly reduced.
    Maintenance work along the sealing joints is reduced. The color variance between the joints and the wood surface is minimized.
  • Lighter rooms
    The European daylight standard EN 17037 recommends a glazing area of 20-25%, based on the room floor area.
    In relation to the window area, the proportion of glass increases by up to 20% due to narrow profiles. This means that even small windows have large glass surfaces.
    The deeper rooms protrude into the building, the more important the corresponding effect is.
  • High thermal insulation
    Narrower face widths of the window frames reduce thermal bridges and thus also the U-value of the window elements.
  • Increased burglary protection
    By gluing the pane to the frame, forcible penetration through the pane is made more difficult.
    The same applies to levering out the window sash towards the frame.
Windows with narrow profiles now promote a sense of well-being by allowing significantly more daylight.

Gluing technology in window production

Use of adhesive tape

The tape is applied to the raw wood surface. A special primer ensures a permanent hold.
All common types of wood in window construction have been successfully tested in this regard. The weak point of an additional layer of lacquer in the glass rebate has been eliminated.

Primer and adhesive tape application

The TapeLine from HOMAG applies the primer and the adhesive tape in one go - optimally dosed and precisely positioned.
The TapeLine can be modularly adapted to any size of company and also integrated into production lines.

Advantages: produce window systems in integral construction

  • More light in the room:
    Narrow sash profiles enable larger glass surfaces. This brings up to 20% more glass and thus more daylight compared to conventional systems.
  • Modern look:
    The frame is practically invisible on the outside when it is installed in the reveal. This creates a modern, minimalistic look.
  • Low maintenance:
    The pane and frame are immovable and firmly connected to one another. The sash remains stable, the effort for subsequent readjustment is significantly lower.
  • Increased burglary protection:
    The pane can practically not be separated from the sash. It stiffens the frame. This gives in less when attempting a break-in.
  • High thermal insulation:
    The narrow frame enables the windows to have the best U-values.
  • Simple manufacturing:
    The profiling of the frame parts is simple and requires less machining and wood use and thus lower tool costs. The gluing ensures the statics of the wing, the corner connection can be kept simple. The perfect addition to this is the screwed corner: The individual parts can be completely surface-finished and the frame can be assembled without a press.

Overall concepts for window production: Of course from HOMAG-Systems

With us you get the equipment for your complete production line:

  • From the raw material store to dispatch
  • Stand-alone, as cells or concatenated
  • Stationary or in motion
  • We plan and deliver for you!
  • We interlink your production for every company size. Slim, effective and flexible.

Project planning by HOMAG

We develop suitable solutions for your window production. Right up to a fully networked system. From design to delivery. From the first meeting to completion of the project.

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