The digital job folder brings transparency to the workshop.

With full order books, the challenge of maintaining an overview and keeping order data and information up to date among all employees is growing. With the digital job folder, everyone on your team now has access to all information on every job in real time - from work preparation to production to assembly. But this web app doesn't just provide support for the end-to-end organization of data: it also makes the current status of individual components transparent. This means you always have an overview of the status of your jobs.


  • Put an end to piles of paperwork: The digital job folder ensures the continuous digital use of planning and design data and can replace paper documents in production.
  • Data import from different systems: Create a new order or import it from a CAD/CAM system, an industry solution or Excel. Then all details are available digitally (articles, assemblies, components with drawings).
  • Complete transparency: All employees can track job progress in real time and view the status of articles and components.
  • Flexible integration: productionManager can be easily integrated into any existing workshop environment. No adjustments to the software landscape or machinery are necessary.
  • No investment costs: You can get started with productionManager free of charge.
  • No update or maintenance costs: The web-based software is always up to date and no expenses for updates are necessary.
  • The feedback assistant for production, "productionAssist Feedback," which is part of productionManager, displays components and items that are to be processed. Components and items can be reported as "finished" by scanning or clicking. Of course, items can also be reported as finished automatically from a HOMAG machine.

  • Feedback on the status at various stations in the workshop: The included productionAssist Feedback app for the tablet displays the components and articles that are to be processed. Components and articles can be reported as "finished" by scanning or clicking. The advantage: All employees know where each component has already been processed or even assembled.

  • The backbone of HOMAG app communication: In the app world, productionManager acts as a central application in the background at many points and ensures that the right information appears at the right place in work preparation and the workshop.

  • Interfaces to various software partners: Seamless data exchange with imos iX and other partners is fully automated and completely uncomplicated. The result is a continuous data flow from a single source.

  • The productionManager is a browser application for use on a PC, laptop or tablet
  • For the use on the PC or laptop we recommend the browsers "Microsoft Edge", "Google Chrome" or "Firefox"

  • Internet access (DSL, UMTS, LTE): at least 5 Mbit / recommended 50 Mbit

  • Registration via tapio Login (tapio account required)

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