Panel saw SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec

Robot performance and operating

The innovation: SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec is equipped with an integrated robot and are technically capable of fully automated batch size 1 production over longer distances. Alternatively, the saw can be operated manually as usual – totally flexibly and as needed: for cutting books, for example.



  • In robot operation: Highly efficient batch size 1 production with up to 800 parts per shift
  • Low unit costs per part
  • Partially unmanned operation
  • Extremely low error rates
  • In operator operation: Complete operating freedom in the cutting process
  • Maximum flexibility for cutting books of panels

  • Robot with suction traverse – At the heart of these saws is a tried-and tested industrial robot with a specially developed suction traverse. The robot is responsible for all the handling of the panels, strips and parts. This is fully automatic, highly flexible, error-free and efficient.

  • Parts buffer

  • Fully automatic labeling

  • Fold-down air cushion tables – The gaps between the air cushion tables are each equipped with two fold-down tables

  • Automatic outfeed fence – Pushes panel remnants from the rear machine table to the front

  • Patented: central side pressure device

Saw blade projection

110 (125 as option) [mm]

Cutting length

3.800/4.300 [mm]

Processing height

920 [mm]

Saw carriage speed

up tp 130 (150 [m/min] as option)

Program fence speed

up to 90 [m/min]

Main saw motor

18 (24 as option) [kW]
Operating softwareCADmatic 5

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