Cutting Production Set: The Cutting Assistant

Cutting optimization & label printing for ANY saw.

Our cutting assistant supports you in optimizing your cutting patterns, in labeling the parts and in the cutting process on your manual saw. Simply optimize your cutting patterns with a click and transfer them to the app on your tablet in the workshop. There, you work through the cutting pattern with the help of a clear display in the app – and print an individual label for each part. This way, each workpiece has all the info for subsequent processing. The cutting assistant was developed for use on ALL sliding table saws, vertical saws or horizontal panel saws – regardless of type, age or manufacturer.


  • Flexible: Can be used for existing cutting saws – e.g. sliding table saws, vertical saws or horizontal panel saws. Regardless of the manufacturer, the age of the saw or the model.
  • Save material: Optimized cutting patterns can be transferred from the intelliDivide Cutting optimization software to the app productionAssist Cutting with a simple click. This significantly reduces material consumption.
  • Integrated processing data: Label printing to identify the sawn parts directly on the saw (also for circular saws, vertical saws and older machines). Thus, from the very beginning, every workpiece has all relevant information. This includes, for example, the job name, information on the component and edge banding, or up to two QR codes for the CNC programs.
  • Complete overview: You always know which parts have already been sawn and receive a proposal for the next part to be sawn (guided manual cutting).
  • Reuse of offcuts: Offcuts can be labeled simply with a click and registered for reuse in the next optimization. This not only saves time, but also reduces material costs.

  • The cutting assistant pays off immediately – calculate savings now!

  • What does the Cutting Production Set consist of?
    The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

    • Four apps: intelliDivide Cutting (Cutting optimization), productionAssist Cutting (digital assistant in production for manual cutting ), materialManager (central material management) & materialAssist Boards (management of boards and offcuts at the workplace in production)
    • Label printer including two rolls of labels
    • HOMAG CUBE (intelligent control box for connecting the printer to the Internet and the apps)
    • Installation Guide #BuildYourSolution
  • The workflow in the workshop:

    1. Start the optimization of your job in the intelliDivide Cutting optimization software in the work preparation in the office. Then you send the resulting cutting patterns with a click to the productionAssist Cutting app on the tablet at your saw.
    2. There, you select the cutting pattern that you need at that precise time and start the sawing process.
    3. When you are cutting the parts, the productionAssist Cutting app provides a continuous, precise overview of the status of the cutting pattern (even for manual saws): Which parts have already been sawn? Which part is suggested next? Then you simply click to print the labels for each part on the label printer provided in the set. As a result, every part can be clearly identified and carries all important information with it – such as the job name, information on the component and for the edge banding, or up to two QR codes for the CNC programs.

      The result: Reduced material consumption, time savings and complete production data from the first process step.

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