CNC-Gantry Processing Center CENTATEQ N-600

Nesting with 3-, 4- or 5-axis technology.

Our nesting machines enable cutting-optimized processing and dividing of plateshaped materials. We divide the typical nesting areas into four areas. The classic areas of nesting can be divided into carcass procressing, cutting and finishing of furniture fronts, processing for modular furniture production as well as “advanced materials” (e.g. Plexiglas, aluminum, Alucobond). Various possibilities for the automation of the material handling ensure a high time saving and more effective work.

(CNC-Gantry Processing Center BHP 300)


  • 7 levels of automation enable a perfect production process
  • 3-, 4- or 5-axis processing for your entire processing portfolio
  • Everything in a single machine: nesting and hardware insertion
  • Intelligent optimization software such as intelliDivide and Cut Rite
  • Labeling/workpiece identification
  • Robotized destacking

  • 2 synchronized digital servo-drives in X-direction guarantee highest processing quality

  • 14-fold tool changer moving in X-direction

  • Vector speed X/Y 130 m/min

  • Efficient table field occupation by MATRIX Pro Plus

  • 2 CNC-controlled Z-axes in combination with drilling block

  • The whole working field is reachable with all processing tools

  • intelliDivide Nesting – cutting optimization for CNC machines

  • Design furniture online and automatically receive all production data – with the cabinetCreator (Optional)



5 × 10 ft


5 × 12 ft


7 × 10 ft


7 × 14 ft

Working field in X (mm)3.1003.7003.1004.300
Working field in Y (mm)1.5501.5502.2502.250
Working field in Z (mm)
without automation
Working field in Z (mm)
automatic push-off

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