Carpentry Machine BEAMTEQ B-560

A range of processing applications at a high performance level

Featuring a 12-slot tool changer, the BEAMTEQ B-560 from WEINMANN supports a wide range of processing applications – from beam processing for timber frame and half-timber constructions, to roof beam processing. This machine processes beams at a high speed, giving you a throughput time that is up to 30% faster in comparison to the industry standard (depending on the product range).

(Carpentry Machine WBZ 160)

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  • Increased beam processing performance thanks to the high speed level
  • Opportunity to optimize your applications since enhanced usage options are available
  • Rapid installation on-site: The uniformly precise design of all machine components facilitates
  • Space-saving setup thanks to the compact design
  • Amortization within a short period of time

  • 5-axis technology for trimming, sawing and drilling

  • Higher performance levels available as standard: main spindle performance of up to 20 kW

  • 12-slot tool changer and two integrated main spindles

  • FLEX5 sawing unit: A rotation angle of 0–360° in conjunction with a swivel angle of 0–90° allow you to process angled cuts, notches, rafter assembly cuts and rip cuts

  • High level of processing accuracy thanks to the NC gripper system combined with vertical and horizontal clamps

  • Reduced noise and dust emissions thanks to the fully enclosed machine housing

Min. cross-section20 x 50 [mm]
Max. cross-section200 x 455 [mm]
Min. unprocessed timber length1,400 [mm]
Max. unprocessed timber length with intervention16.5 [m]

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