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Case Clamps CABTEQ S-250

Case Clamps CABTEQ S-250

For the ambitious carcass assembly

The CABTEQ S-250 is the perfect assembly aide for pressing of carcass furniture. The press has a wide range of applications, whether in furniture production, object and shop fitting, or in industrial special production. The basic machine is available in different versions for various carcass dimensions.


  • Best quality thanks to all-over pressing
  • Absolutely tight carcasses due to pressing surfaces with tolerance compensation
  • Simplest operation by means of pushbuttons
  • Small space required
  • Additional equipment for an ergonomic operation


  • No positioning of the pressing elements required

  • Highly stiff pressure unit provides absolute rectangularity of your furniture

  • Simplified drive concept

  • Two pressing speeds

  • Adjustable pressing pressure

Technical Data

Carcass dimensions


Carcass length [mm]

150 - 2,500

150 - 3,000

Carcass depth [mm]

250 - 700

250 - 900

Carcass height [mm]

150 - 1,400

Press capacity


vertical [kN]

max. 12 - 18

horizontal [kN]

max. 12 - 18

Positioning speed


Fast motion [mm/s]


Slow motion [mm/s]


Working height [mm]


Weight [t]



contactor control

(Previous product name: Case clamp MPH 450)


Case clamp CABTEQ S-250

Smart design and perfect for your assembly needs. The CABTEQ S-250.