Handling portal FEEDTEQ H-500

Optimized handling for production lines

For both windows as well as panel and beam materials the correct lifting unit is available for you. Mounted on a handling portal you move the respective integrated lifting unit freely in the X and Y directions. The areas to be traversed are freely selectable, providing a larger working area.

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  • Structured manufacturing processes and short lead times
  • Fast material provision
  • Automatic rotating and turning device
  • Suitable lifting unit for the right material: Panel, windows, beam materials

  • Vacuum panel lifter

    • Transport of different panel sizes by means of 4 suction cups
    • Handling panels weighting up to 85 kg
    • The panels are easily movable via ergonomically mounted handles
  • Vacuum window lifter

    • Handling via electric chain holst with integrated vacuum gripper
    • Easier transport of windows with sash and horizontal crosspieces
    • 90° rotating function
    • Window weights up to 300 kg (optionally more)
  • Balkenheber

    • Transport über Leichtlaufschienen
    • Ergonomische Bedienung über elektrischen Kettenzug mit selbstsicherndem Balkengreifer
    • Flexibel einsetzbar: Transport sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal

Max. panel weight (kg)85*
Max. panel size (m)1,25 x 3,2*

* further configurations possible on request

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