Edgeband Management Set

The edge material and all related information at a glance.

With this assistant, you have a complete overview of all the information about your edge material and you can quickly find the right edgeband at any time.


  • Complete overview: All edge information is available at a glance. The app and the HOMAG edgeband rack offer a permanent overview of stock. The printer can also be used to create labels to identify the edges.
  • Easy management: Clear management and unique identification of edges in the rack (incl. residual lengths). The system documents edges that are put into and taken out of storage, indicating the storage position.
  • Space saving: Through vertical storage of the edgebands.
  • Time saving: Reduced setup times thanks to faster edge changes and no longer having to search for edgebands.

  • What does the "Edgeband Management Set" consist of?
    The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

    • Two apps: "materialAssist Edge" (edgeband management in the rack) & "materialManager" (central material management in the company)
    • Construction set for the "materialRack Edge" edgeband rack, available free to download
    • LED strips for the "materialRack Edge" edgeband rack
    • Label printer including two rolls of labels
    • HOMAG CUBE (intelligent control box for connecting the rack and the printer to the Internet and the apps)
    • Installation Guide #BuildYourSolution
  • The workflow in the workshop: :

    1. To use the Edgeband Management Set optimally, you need two apps: materialManager (central material management) and materialAssist Edge (management of edgebands at the workstation in the workshop). You also need an edgeband rack. In the first step, create your edge materials in materialManager.
    2. Then, go to the edge rack and in the materialAssist app, create each of your edgeband coils. You can easily access all the information about the specific edgeband (properties, residual length) straightaway. The corresponding labels for identifying the edgebands can also be printed directly from the app. If you want to store an edgeband in your rack, the materialAssist Edge app suggests a compartment. The corresponding position in the rack is identified by the LED display that lights up.
    3. If you want to edge a workpiece, simply select the correct edgeband by touching it in the app. The matching edge is quickly and easily identified in the edgeband rack by the illumination of the LED
    4. After you have edged the part, you can update the residual length in the materialAssist app. The total length of each edge material and the number of rolls created are updated in materialManager  simultaneously. You therefore always have an overview of your material.

      The result: The Edgeband Management Set allows optimal organization of your edgebands. You always have an overview of all information about your edge material and you can
      find the correct edgeband easily at any time.

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