CNC-Drilling and Dowel Inserting Machine DRILLTEQ D-510

Complete processing in the edge area

Whether as individual machine or complementary product in connection with a CNC processing center – the DRILLTEQ D-510 allows complete and precise processing in the edge area by the clever combination of drilling, doweling and routing.

(CNC-Drilling and Dowel Inserting Machine ABD 210)


  • Increased efficiency by faster operating procedure with intelliGuide Classic (optional)
  • Accurate drill holes and precise positioning of dowels by high-speed drilling and dowel insertion aggregate
  • Vertical drilling in the borderarea, ideal for connection fittings or hinge drill holes
  • Up to 8 adjustable clamping cylinders enable a secure and gentle fixing of the workpieces
  • The lowerable center stop allows for flexible handling of workpieces thereby ensuring an optimum two-field operation
  • The powerful HOMAG software woodWOP is already included as a standard

  • Improved ease of use and error prevention while positioning workpieces by the optical LED assistance system intelliGuide Classic(optional)

  • Flexible part handling due to lowerable centre stop and lowerable side stops

  • Space allocation for up to 4 workpieces

  • Horizontal drilling – up to 5 individually selectable drilling spindles with 32 mm pitch for precise processing

  • Vertical drilling – up to 5 individually selectable drilling spindles with 32 mm pitch for precise processing

  • Horizontal routing – powerful, robust and proven routing spindle with 3.6 kW routing power and a provisioning stroke of up to 80 mm allows routing at depth (e.g. Tiomos H, Salice Air, lock case etc.)


  • Vertical routing – efficient, solid and proven routing spindles 3,6 kW routing capacity enables routing operations into the front side of the workpiece (e.g. Clamex)

  • Dowel insertion – glue injector with adjustable glue amount and glue flow control

  • Setting fixtures – installation space for individual solutions for setting fittings and hinges (e.g. sleeves, eccentrics, Cabineo etc.)

  • Dowelling tool with adjustable glue amount and glue flow control

  • Automatic and reliable feed of standard dowels by vibrating conveyor



Workpiece length[mm]20 – 1.250
Workpiece width[mm]20 – 800
Workpiece thickness[mm]10 – 80
Compressed air connection [inch]R 1/2“
Compressed air [bar]min. 7
Total connected voltage [kW]

approx. 7

Extraction connection [mm]Ø 120
Total machine weight [kg]

approx. 1.600

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