Case clamp CABTEQ S-250

For the ambitious carcass assembly

The CABTEQ S-250 is the perfect assembly aide for pressing of carcass furniture. The press has a wide range of applications, whether in furniture production, object and shop fitting, or in industrial special production. The basic machine is available in different versions for various carcass dimensions.

(Case clamp MPH 450)


  • Best quality thanks to all-over pressing
  • Absolutely tight carcasses due to pressing surfaces with tolerance compensation
  • Simplest operation by means of pushbuttons
  • Small space required
  • Additional equipment for an ergonomic operation

  • No positioning of the pressing elements required

  • Highly stiff pressure unit provides absolute rectangularity of your furniture

  • Simplified drive concept

  • Two pressing speeds

  • Adjustable pressing pressure

Carcass dimensions 
Carcass length

150 - 2,500 mm

150 - 3,000 mm

Carcass depth

250 - 700 mm

250 - 900 mm

Carcass height150 - 1,400 mm
Press capacity 
verticalmax. 12 - 18 kN
horizontalmax. 12 - 18 kN
Positioning speed 
Fast motion50 mm/s
Slow motion25 mm/s
Working height300 mm
Weight2.2 t
Controlcontactor control

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