WEINMANN at the Dach+Holz

Efficient and flexible solutions offer new possibilities for timber construction.

At the DACH+HOLZ 2020 WEINMANN presents solutions for timber construction. With these technologies, even small and medium-sized companies can realize the step into prefabrication. Small quantities can be produced efficiently and with flexibility.

  • Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120
  • Carpentry table BUILDTEQ A-500
  • fastenerSwitch
  • Tapio / Digital Assistents 

fastenerSwitch – quick change of fasteners

The newly developed quick-change system for the multifunction bridge enables maximum flexibility in selecting and using various fastening devices. In addition to the devices available on the multifunction bridge, a separate station offers four additional fastening units. The multifunction bridge uses the data record to change the required fastening device fully automatically depending on the material. At 500 mm in length, the space required increases only marginally. It's the ideal solution for enabling even smaller businesses to achieve broad diversity in the selection of fastening devices.

The benefits:

  • Significant time saving when changing fastening units. 
  • The automatic change process takes place within just one minute.
  • Idle times and setup times are minimized and machine availability is increased by up to 15%.  
  • High flexibility – the correct fastening unit for every material. 
  • The required angle of the clamping devices is set automatically between 0-90°.

Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120low quantities in batch size 1

For the production of wall, roof, ceiling and gable elements, WEINMANN offers a machine that operates with maximum efficiency, even with small quantities – the WALLTEQ M-120. This multifunction bridge is equipped with holders for stapling and nailing devices and a routing unit to facilitate automatic fastening and processing of the sheathing. Openings for windows, doors and sockets, as well as free forms such as circles, curves or diagonal cuts can all be processed, resulting in finished elements with a high level of dimensional accuracy. With low acquisition costs, the WALLTEQ M-120 offers an excellent price/performance ratio and is the perfect entry-level solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses.

Your advantages in practice:

  • Constant high quality:
    precise processing through state-of-the-art CNC technology
  • Production in batch size 1:
    flexible production of various elements without changeover times
  • Highest efficiency:
    profitable even for small quantities
  • Easily integrable in production halls:
    production of elements up to 12 m requiring only 90 m² of production area

Universal application – the carpentry tables

The carpentry table is ideal for manufacturing wall, gable, roof and ceiling panels, as well as frame walls and gable elements. The integrated technology guarantees a high level of dimensional and angular accuracy. A higher level of prefabrication and the consistently high quality increase efficiency across the entire production process.

Your advantages in practice:

  • Suitable for every element type: adaptation takes place within just a few seconds thanks to flexible clamping units
  • Simultaneous production of two short elements through using two clamping areas
  • An optional tilt function enables elements to be rotated and removed safely and gently.
  • Suitable for heavy elements due to stable construction
  • High level of work safety thanks to solid, non-slip sheathing and ergonomic working height

Timber construction 4.0 – digital and networked

As a complete system provider, WEINMANN offers fully integrated solutions for developing timber construction further and allowing businesses to take a step toward timber construction 4.0. An integrated data flow and the corresponding information flow enable an efficient and flexible production process.

DashBoard: Overview production process

With this product, a lot of information from machines of different manufacturers are displayed together in one application. Machine statuses, messages or even service information are displayed historically in an overview. The additional function “PlantBoard” offers the visual display of status and performance. The user can see every machine with the related data. Enriched with current operating data and historical data an analysis of the performance of each machine as well as of the whole production line is possible.


serviceAssist offers the customer support for an independent and fast solving of problems. With proven solutions the app enables the operator to prevent disturbances and to increase the availability of the production line. Via tablet or mobile phone serviceAssist can be used everywhere.

MachineBoard: Get connected.

All WEINMANN machines are connected with the tapio ecosystem and visible via the MachineBoard app. This provides the user with a simple overview of all machines, including those from different manufacturers. The app displays machine data and statuses in real time and sends push notifications when the operator is required at the machine. The app also displays a list of the current errors, warnings and actions, including the remaining time until the next action. The advantage for the operator: They are always at the machine at the right time and can be more flexible in their daily work.

ServiceBoard:  Remain supported.

Getting fast support from the manufacturer is crucial for efficient production. With established functions such as video diagnosis or service tickets, the manufacturer can help the customer in a much shorter time.

Industrial Tube: Knowledge management rethought.

With the support of artificial intelligence, customers can now simply ensure that their knowledge is no longer lost. Videos on relevant customer knowledge can be easily recorded. The tapio application uses artificial intelligence to ensure that videos are translated automatically, for example, or can be easily retrieved. With just one app, each employee will know what to do and how to do it in the future.

twinio: An app for the simplification of tool and material management.

With a simple scan of the material or tool, it can be identified and managed. You can also create your own tools and materials. Likewise, changing defined parameters such as tool running meters is no problem.

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