HOMAG Treff 2020: Digital Products

Apps and digital assistants: 3 new solutions for carpenters and joiners

What began at LIGNA 2019 with the presentation of the first apps and digital assistants will be continued at the HOMAG Treff 2020. Some of the assistants have already proven successful on the market – such as the cutting assistant "Cutting Production Set" for cut optimization and label printing on a manual saw. But of course HOMAG has also been working on new solutions over the past few months – always in close cooperation with users in carpentries and workshops.

At the HOMAG Treff, three new products will be joining the family of digital helpers. As part of the event, HOMAG will be presenting the following new solutions live:

  • „Sanding Belt Management Set“: This digital assistant helps to organize sanding belts directly at the sanding machine in the workshop. It also supports the documentation of the degree of wear of every sanding belt and provides a complete overview of the sanding belt inventory.
  • „productionAnalyzer“: This analysis app for the smartphone provides a compact overview of the performance of the machinery and helps to uncover optimization potential.
  • „intelliOptimizer Stacking“: Here, HOMAG has developed an optimization software for stack generation to further increase automation in the production, particularly in medium-sized companies.

What do the digital solutions provide? Simply test them for free.

As with all digital assistants and apps from HOMAG, the same applies here: Every company can try out the digital assistants in an uncomplicated manner and without major investment. In most cases, the solutions can be tested free of charge. Once the user has found the right solution for his business, he can simply book it on a monthly basis or take out an annual subscription. This allows each company to start with individual modules and add others as needed. All digital solutions are used directly in the Internet browser or as an app on the laptop or tablet. This means that there is no need for complex software installations and all applications are automatically kept up to date. In this way, even small and medium-sized businesses can move step by step towards the digital future with minimal investment.

„Sanding Belt Management Set“: Sanding with a system

The smart package consisting of apps, an intelligent rack, a label printer and the HOMAG CUBE has already proven itself in the organization of edgebands with the edgeband assistant (“Edgeband Management Set”). Now a further digital assistant supports the employees in the workshop in organizing the sanding belts in the best possible way.

In the sanding belt rack, all sanding belts find an orderly and protected place and are stored next to each other in a space-saving, hanging manner. An LED display on the rack compartments helps with handling the sanding belts. This identifies the currently required sanding belt at first glance. All relevant data on each sanding belt is stored in two apps. The master data for the sanding belts are created in "materialManager", the company's central material management system, on the PC during work preparation. In the workshop at the sanding belt rack, the user then uses his tablet with the appropriate "materialAssist Sanding" app for material management directly at the workplace. Here he now has access to all the essential data on each sanding belt, such as type of grain, backing, grain size, manufacturer and dimensions. From this app, the user can now also print an individual label for each sanding belt. In this way, each sanding belt can be easily and uniquely identified from the moment it is placed on the shelf.

The advantages of the „Sanding Belt Management Set“ at a glance:

  • Saves time: Reduced setup times thanks to faster sanding belt changes
  • Saves costs: Protected and clearly arranged storage of sanding belts, prevention of damage
  • No mistakes: Quick and easy identification of the required sanding belt using the LED display on the rack compartment
  • Easy administration: Optimization of the stock level through the constant overview of the sanding belt stock in "materialManager”

„productionAnalyzer“: The smartphone app for analyzing the performance of the machinery

Is my machinery currently working to capacity? At what times are my machines in operation without producing? Are there possibilities to improve the efficiency of my production?

These questions are frequently asked, especially by production and workshop managers. The new HOMAG App "productionAnalyzer" now provides the answers. The app has been specially designed for smartphones and tablets and provides a compact overview of machine performance over specific periods of time – regardless of when and where this information is required. Clearly laid out graphics present key figures as well as part performance and the condition of the machines. By selecting different evaluation periods, trends can be identified, potential for improvement can be easily identified and measures derived (e.g. with regard to machine waiting times, malfunctions or setup times). In this way, the user can get even more performance out of his machinery in the future.

The advantages of the „productionAnalyzer“ at a glance:

  • Always up-to-date: Even if the user is not in production, he is always informed
  • Creates transparency: The evaluations make improvements in operation transparent
  • Shows potentials: Improvement potentials are revealed through key figures and evaluations
  • Simple connection: All HOMAG machines which are "tapio-ready" (with powerControl V2 control) are visible in the app and can be connected quickly and easily

„intelliOptimizer Stacking“: Pattern sorting for optimized stack generation in automated production

Even more automation in cutting and higher productivity – HOMAG customers working with a SAWTEQ B-300/B-400 flexTec robot saw can here now get even more out of their production. How does this work? With the web application "intelliOptimizer Stacking", which provides customized stacking strategies.

The web app, which is usually used in work preparation on the PC, reduces the number of stacks and thus the number of necessary stack changes by a good 20 percent. This is achieved by consistently re-sorting all the cutting patterns for a job according to stack formation. The user can always choose from two options – the robot-optimized strategy with the lowest number of stacks or optimization for the shortest production time. Overall, however, optimization always leads to improved utilization of the pallets by the robot. The "intelliOptimizer Stacking" extends the intervals between stack changes and extends the ghost shifts, because compared to before, the saw now performs part cutting autonomously over even longer distances. This means less downtime and more output in robot operation.

The advantages of the „intelliOptimizer Stacking“ at a glance:

  • Fewer stacks: Thus fewer stack changes and less space consumption
  • Longer distances between operator interventions: The working time gained can be better used for value-adding activities
  • Longer autonomous production: Increased cutting performance, more comprehensive pre-production for the following day, more parts per run, reduced material consumption
  • Reduces investment costs and lowers space consumption: Fewer stacks require fewer stacking stations, space consumption and acquisition costs are reduced
  • Higher production output: More parts per shift due to less downtime

„Cutting Production Set“: Field testing at Schmidt & Bauer

Label printing per click: Also on the manual saw.

Manuel Schmidt and Thomas Bauer started their own business in Erlau near Bamberg a few years ago. With the time and with constantly rising numbers of orders, two topics particularly urged themselves. How can you optimize waste in order to save material noticeably? And is there a possibility to label each workpiece already at the sliding table saw? There was no space for a new saw with labeling system and corresponding control system, so another solution had to be found. The decision was made in favor of the "Cutting Production Set" from HOMAG.

In the meantime, the working day often begins on the computer. Thomas Bauer imports his parts list from the CAD software directly into "intelliDivide Cutting". The web application then optimizes the cutting patterns and suggests various cutting variants. Bauer selects his favorite – optimized for minimum waste, shortest production time or simplest handling. After the selection, he transmits the desired cutting patterns to the tablet on the saw with a click. This is, together with the label printer, attached to the sliding table saw by a mount. Now the cutting process starts. On the tablet, Manuel Schmidt uses "productionAssist Cutting" to keep an exact overview of the status of his cutting pattern. The app suggests the individual work steps – if necessary, the cutting sequence of the pieces can also be determined by the user. For each sawn part, a separate label with all relevant information is printed with a click. In this way, each part can be uniquely identified. The "Cutting Production Set" therefore not only supports Manuel Schmidt at the saw, but also ensures consistent processing data, a transparent work process and high material and time savings.

„We like the smooth working in the cutting process. You don't have to think about the cutting patterns yourself and can simply work through them. This saves a lot of time and is also extremely noticeable in terms of material consumption. Right from the start, we produce much less waste than before.“ Thomas Bauer, Managing Director

Apps and digital assistants: The explanation

HOMAG offers various assistants in the field of digital products. Here, HOMAG supplies complete product sets which, alongside a package of apps, include various other elements – these may include label printers, construction plans for sorting racks and LED strips for light guidance. A central element is always the HOMAG CUBE. This is an intelligent control box, which connects the apps with the shelves and label printers, thus ensuring optimum interaction between man, app and other components.

Alongside the product sets, HOMAG also offers individually bookable apps, which can be used simply and flexibly on a laptop or tablet.

The apps and digital assistants from HOMAG at a glance:

  • „Cutting Production Set“:Assists with cutting and labeling – even on the manual saw
  • „Edgeband Management Set“: Organizes the complete edgeband materials in the plant
  • „Sanding Belt Management Set“: Structures your sanding belts very conveniently
  • „Sorting Production Set“: Sorting of parts in the workshop
  • „cabinetCreator“: Helps with quickly configuring furniture
  • „intelliDivide Cutting“: Optimizes the cutting patterns for the saw
  • „intelliDivide Nesting“: Optimizes the nesting plans for the CNC processing center
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