Digitalization for carpenters and joiners: Apps and assistants from HOMAG

Solutions for workstations in workshops.

Digitalization in woodworking shops is a hot topic in the industry — but what's the best way for a company to approach this transformation? There are many approaches, options and strategies — but which path is the right one? Companies from the carpentry and woodworking industry often face the same questions as they search for a solution tailored to their requirements.

  • What software tools, apps and digital products are available?
  • Can I try them out easily and without having to invest a large amount of money?
  • Are there simple solutions  that can eliminate various obstacles in my day-to-day work (e.g. when organizing materials or sorting parts)?
  • Is there a way to slowly approach using digital assistants?

To answer these questions, HOMAG has developed powerful and smart solutions. The intelligent assistants and apps enable carpenters and woodworking shops to support their individual workstations during specific operations. Companies can use the assistant that best fits their requirements as a starting point and then add other solutions if needed. Small and medium-sized businesses are collaborating with HOMAG to take a step-by-step approach to digitalization.

In the video: The complete overview!

The video „Digitization for carpenters and woodworking shops: Apps and assistants from HOMAG“ provides a quick tour through a workshop where digital assistants are used.

Almost all digital assistants can be used as individual components, depending on requirements. Companies can test most of the HOMAG apps free of charge for 30 days before deciding. Once a company has found a solution for starting the digitalization process, it can simply order its apps monthly or take out an annual subscription, as needed.

All HOMAG solutions can be run directly in an Internet browser or as an app on a laptop or tablet, so time-consuming software installations are no longer required. What's more — it means that all applications are always automatically up to date. 

Digital assistants and apps: The explanation

HOMAG offers various digital assistants that differ in their scope of delivery. On the one hand, HOMAG supplies complete product sets that include an app package as well as various other elements, such as label printers, designs for sorting shelves and LED strips (to make the shelves "intelligent" for "pick by light" operations). The HOMAG CUBE always plays a central role in any solution: This intelligent control box uses the Internet to connect apps to shelves and label printers to ensure optimum interaction between people, apps and other elements in the work environment.

In addition to the product sets, HOMAG also offers apps that can be ordered as standalone solutions and used on a laptop or tablet with a high degree of flexibility and ease.

Digital assistants (product sets)

Cutting Production Set

This cutting assistant helps joiners when cutting with the saw and labeling parts — even on manual saws.

Edgeband Management Set

This edge assistant organizes all edge material in the workshop.

Sorting Production Set

Each part has its place, and this assistant is perfect for sorting parts in the workshop.

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All product sets are available in the HOMAG eShop.

Apps and web applications

SmartWOP furniture construction

intelliDivide Cutting: For optimizing cutting plans for the saw:

Optimierung der Nestingpläne für das CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum: intelliDivide Nesting

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All apps can be ordered via the tapio Shop.

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