Digital production, automation and perfect edge quality with the EDGETEQ S-500 series

EDGETEQ S-500 profiLine with Edge Data plug-in performance

The EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine, with a feed speed of
16–25 m/min, is extremely flexible, highly automated and equipped with state-of-the-art software via woodCommander 5.

The joint trimming unit is equipped with DIA tools. A high degree of flexibility in gluing is achieved by the combination of the HOMAG airTec zero joint technology with the gluing unit for processing EVA and PUR hot-melt glues. The PUR melting unit is also designed with a melting capacity of up to 6 kg/h. The magazine ensures that six different edges are automatically fed in. The servo edge feed reduces edge waste. The edge thickness compensation, for compensating for the tolerances of the edge material, is integrated into the edge data management.

Post-processing begins with the automated PK25 snipping unit and the BF10 pre-trimming unit. On the MF21 multi-trimming unit, the FK30 profile trimming unit and the MN21 multi-scraper, three-profile technology can be used to automatically change between three profiles plus chamfer. In addition to short setup times, this achieves reproducible quality at the highest level. Thanks tothe woodWOP package for the profile trimming unit, post-processing of prefabricated workpieces with post-forming and soft-forming profiles is also possible without any difficulty.

The SF21 standard trimming unit with automatic adjustment is used for grooving, rabbeting and profiling. The EDGETEQ S-500 is equipped with special safety equipment for inserting grooves in solid strips in synchronous rotation.

The new ergonomic air cushion table at the machine infeed and outfeed ensures safe and convenient workpiece feed and removal. The sliding carriage for small parts ensures that even construction elements and small parts can be processed easily.

EDGETEQ S-500 with the LOOPTEQ O-600 return and the WZ14 workpiece feeder

The EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine, with a feed speed of
16–25 m/min, is extremely flexible, highly automated and equipped with state-of-the-art software via woodCommander 5.

The WZ14 workpiece feeding system, which was previously available only for higher series, is now also available for the edge banding machines of the EDGETEQ S-500 series. Thanks to the extended push catches of the WZ14, workpieces are guided safely under the top roll pressure unit. The moving gantry ensures precise parallel cuts — a prerequisite for achieving exact 90° angles. This means that even rough-edged workpieces can be processed perfectly. A perfect supplement to the EDGETEQ S-500 is the LOOPTEQ O-600 gantry return. Intelligent automation forms the basis for a high-performance, interlinked material flow. The defined rotation when moving the workpieces results in a process-oriented return and finished workpieces can be ejected or stacked. 

EDGETEQ S-500 — Narrow parts machine

With the EDGETEQ S-500 narrow parts machine, users can now also precisely process very narrow workpieces down to 40 mm. The machine is also equipped with a new ergonomic air cushion table at the machine infeed and outfeed. The ergonomic machine infeed and outfeed ensure safe and convenient workpiece feed and removal. The two-profile technologyhere with the profiles R1 and R2—on the PF21 fine trimming unit brings more flexibility to processing thanks to the fast, precise change by touch via the control system. Setup times and the machine length are shortened, thereby increasing cost efficiency.

woodCommander 5 software generation

The EDGETEQ S-500 series stands for flexible, variable and efficient machines in edge processing. It is now equipped with the new woodCommander 5 software, which offers new additional internal and external options for data exchange. This has created the basis for digital production today and tomorrow.

woodCommander 5 is faster, safer and more flexible. The software is designed to select processing programs and edge material and enables the reliable and fast recording of production parameters as well as the workpiece-oriented creation of machine programs.
Faster: With clever grouping of levels of information, fewer clicks are required to produce the desired results. Relevant parameters can be displayed dependent on the situation. Preview images from the 3D simulation enable faster program changes.

Safer: The real 3D workpiece simulation, the display of the dimensions directly on the 3D workpiece and the automatic check of impermissible parameter combinations lead to a high level of operating safety. Having fewer test workpieces also results in time and cost savings. The processing steps resulting from the simulated effect on the workpiece as well as the switchable tool track must be captured at first glance.

More flexible: The machine operator has enormous flexibility thanks to the user-specific arrangement of parameters, the integrated user rights management and widgets for programs or edge material, for example.

Automatic edge management with woodCommander 5

The Edge Data Package (Edge Data plug-in + edgeband assistant) enables access to a catalog containing all edgeband data from leading edge suppliers directly on the machine.  This wizard helps you keep a complete overview of all information about your edge material and your material stock. Leading edge suppliers, such as Rehau and Ostermann, already make their edge information available via tapio. Data such as edge thickness, edge height and available length of the selected edge roll are transferred directly to the machine using the Edge Data Plug-in from the Edgeband Assistant app. There is no need for any manual redundant intermediate steps for the operator to record the edgeband data on the machine. This saves you time and also eliminates possible input errors. Another plus: The data transfer is not a one-way street — the edge banding machine also reports the remaining length of the edge roll back to the app. This means that the edge stock is always up to date for the machine operator as well as for colleagues in work preparation and purchasing.

The Edge Data Plug-in is available in two variants, depending on the machine equipment. With "Basic," the edge length is mainly processed. With "Performance," both the edge length and the actual edge thickness are processed. The tolerances of the edge thickness are then compensated using the "edge thickness compensation."

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