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Work Preparation materialManager Advanced

Work Preparation materialManager Advanced

Proposes optimal parameters automatically on your saw, corresponding to your materials, tools and quality requirements.

Anyone who has ever been responsible for cutting knows that consistent machining quality is not a given. A large variety of materials, multiple machine operators and different saws are just three of the potential daily challenges, along with questions such as: How can the tool life be increased? And how can workflows be made simple and efficient? materialManager Advanced gives you all-round support for these issues.


  • Efficient and simple machine use: Based on your quality requirements and saw blades, your machine automatically adjusts itself correctly to the material — for optimal interaction of feed and saw blade projection, and potentially also speed, regardless of the respective machine operator.
  • Fewer sources of error: Automatic adjustment of saw parameters when the material is changed. The machine operator is also warned if they are using an unsuitable tool.
  • Creates transparency: By looking at the app, the user can easily see how the tool was used and when it needs to be sharpened.
  • Up to 8% performance potential: Optimized feed speed at a defined processing quality.
  • Up to 20% lower tool costs: Extended tool life thanks to optimal saw parameters.


  • The software can be used for all saws from the 3 series.

  • Authorized persons can adjust the settings at any time from the office via the web-based materialManager Advanced app.

  • All machines with a materialManager Advanced license use identical settings, thereby ensuring quality.

  • The recommended parameters can be readjusted at any time.

Technical Data

  • materiaManager Advanced is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop 
  • For use on a PC or laptop, we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser 
  • Internet access (DSL, UMTS, LTE): min. 5 Mbit/recommended: 50 Mbit 
  • Log in via tapio login (tapio account required) 

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Introducing materialManager Advanced

Efficient and simple machine operation with recommendations from materialManager Advanced.