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module45: for precise bevel cuts on the saw

Why is nearly every pocket-knife today a multi-tool? Because all-rounders save a lot of individual tools, are extremely efficient in use and unbelievably practical – just like the new module45 from HOLZMA. This technological innovation allows you to complete all your bevel cuts directly on your HOLZMA saw. It is quick, easy to use and infinitely adjustable for angles ranging from 1 to 45 degrees.

  • module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts
    module45: rip, cross and bevel cuts all on one saw. Quick, simple, stepless adjustment for angles from 1 to 46 degrees (option).
  • module45 – for bevel cuts
    Whether for fair booth construction or shop fitting, for furniture manufacturing, classical carpentry work or interior fittings, bevel cuts are part of everyday life in the trade sector. The module45 allows you to complete bevel cuts directly on the saw.

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With its new module45, HOLZMA is striding purposefully towards an even more efficient future for cutting processes. This innovation could be seen for the first time at this year's HOLZMA Treff and immediately gained many fans. 

There is tremendous potential in this technology, because, whether you are looking at fair booth construction or shop-fitting, at joinery work or interior fittings, bevel cuts are an integral part of everyday life in the woodworking trade. After cutting has been completed on a panel saw, bevel cuts are usually dealt with on a separate sliding table saw. That costs money, takes up space and ties up resources in production, as well as increasing the amount of handling required. Another disadvantage is that material can easily be damaged when it is transported from one machine to another.

module45 will make all these disadvantages a thing of the past! This unit allows bevel cuts to be completed directly on a HOLZMA beam saw. It is now available for many HOLZMA saws of the 1 to 4 series.

The benefits of module45

  • Retrofittable (depending on model and year of manufacture)
  • Low investment costs, high benefits
  • A sliding table saw is no longer required for bevel cuts
  • Simple, extremely ergonomic, one-man Operation
  • Less waste and higher quality thanks to less transport damage as the material remains on the one machine
  • Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio and considerably less expensive than solutions from competitors

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