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3 functions over 1 m²: PUR handling with the XES 200

What do carpenters, interior fitters, and suppliers do with glue pots or the application unit over the weekend or when changing colors? What is the best way to store the application unit during an interruption of several days? The edge experts from HOMAG came up with a great idea: the XES 200 service station.

  • XES 200 PUR service station
    XES 200 PUR service station

The ways in which this all-rounder can be used far exceed the actual purpose of storage. The user can also use the station to clean the application unit and for pre-heating for future work steps. This saves the user valuable time, allowing them to optimize their processes.

Storing PUR glue: A difficult feat

The hardening of PUR glues when exposed to air has always been a major issue. This had to be prevented in order to avoid wasting material (glue) and to prevent application units from becoming unusable after hardening. One option is to add nitrogen; another is to use a vacuum pump that works continuously. But this is exactly what HOMAG wanted to avoid.
Using a Venturi nozzle, which extracts the air from the vacuum container, can create a vacuum without a vacuum pump. For storage over the weekend, the station does not have to be connected to compressed air or a power grid.
The level of oxygen inside the two vacuum containers (or pressure tanks) is reduced. The QA 65 N application unit or the interchangeable container of the PUR melting unit can be stored without any hassle. The contents do not harden and work can simply continue on Monday.

Pre-heating: Perfect timing

Nobody can afford to waste their time, which is why it is important to perfectly schedule the application units and the interchangeable containers for use in the edge banding machine after storage. The XES features two holding devices: One is equipped with a glue roller drive unit and temperature regulation. Here, the application unit can be pre-heated to the required temperature between storage and the machine being started. No time is wasted on the changeover and production can continue without any significant interruption.

Glue change? Cleaning at the press of a button

The glue roller drive unit and the temperature regulation for application units can also be used for cleaning. Regardless of whether you are changing the color or changing from PUR to EVA glue: the application unit must be cleaned.
To avoid having to run this process in the machine and thereby allowing production to continue, the XES 200 can also be used to empty the application unit. The automatic emptying process can be initiated with the simple press of a button.

Easy handling over 1 m²

In addition to the extensive options it provides, the XES 200 is also impressively easy to handle — the only things you need are compressed air and power. The station, which is mounted on rollers for portability, can be universally and flexibly attached to different machines as required. Thanks to its area, which is smaller than 1m², the XES 200 can be situated anywhere and can be used on the machines themselves without any hassle.

The XES 200 makes PUR handling easier for new machines as well as any existing machines.

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