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WEINMANN software wupWorks4 for beam processing

Software for timber framing wupWorks 4

Software for timber framing wupWorks 4

Data generation for carpentry machines

The operator selects the production data record for beam processing in wupWorks 4, then automatically or manually optimizes the components and starts the automatically generated CNC program for processing. Alternative processing strategies can be selected if needed to ensure fast and tear-free processing. Components are turned during optimization so that they are in the ideal position, but manual intervention is also possible at any time. CNC data is automatically generated in the background for each adjustment.


  • Fast selection of components with clear 3D representation
  • Fully automatic tool assignment for each processing step
  • Short processing times thanks to optimized processing steps, tools and travel paths
  • Ergonomic menu-driven user interface



    File transfer via WUP/BTL interface

  • Specific components are filtered out automatically, such as prefabricated studs or dunnage bars

  • Wastage is avoided by filling remaining wood with standard components, such as lintels or spandrel beams

  • Program can be resumed via graphical pre-selection of the processing step

  • Individual processing strategies and user profiles are supported

  • A wide range of lists can be generated: wood lists, planned production orders, parts lists, production history and much more

  • wupWorks Office is available as an office version for prior checking of the data record

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