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Data generation for wall, roof and ceiling element with WEINMANN wupWorks

Software for timber framing WupWorks3

Software for timber framing WupWorks3

Data generation for wall, roof and ceiling production

The operator selects the production data record for wall, roof or ceiling elements in wupWorks 3, as well as the planking level to be processed, and starts the automatically generated CNC program for processing. The 3D representation of the element to be processed ensures that any errors can be detected and eliminated immediately. This representation is updated during processing, so the operator always knows which processing step is next.


  • Clear 3D representation of workpieces and processing steps
  • Data transfer from CAD programs for timber work with standardized WUP interface
  • Fully automatic tool assignment for each processing step
  • Short processing times thanks to optimized processing steps, tools and travel paths
  • Ergonomic menu-driven user interface


  • Exploded view enables easy troubleshooting

  • Program can be resumed via graphical pre-selection of the processing step

  • Required processing steps can be activated or deactivated directly at the machine if necessary

  • Fast response as the processing sequence can be changed directly on the machine

  • Clear overview as the current processing position is always displayed; the option to show or hide other positions is available if needed

  • wupWorks Office is available as an office version for prior checking of the data record

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