Robot management FEEDBOT on CNC processing centers

Production cell with a robot for automatic material handling

Availability of almost 100%, high repetition accuracy, and precise workpiece handling — robots are reliable partners and increase the cost-effectiveness of production automatically. The reliable supply of workpieces by the robot system makes every CNC machine a high-performance processing center, ensuring an optimal manufacturing production cell for wood and furniture production.


  • Workpiece handling with a wide range of storage patterns, storage slots, alignment and turning
  • Additional functions such as position measurement or cleaning can easily be integrated into the process
  • Diverse range of workpieces and materials
  • Fast workpiece changing times
  • Ergonomic handling of parts makes work easier for employees
  • High technical availability of the robot minimizes downtimes and increases the added value

  • Five- or six-axis robot as the central element of the CNC processing cell

  • Easy and intuitive operation through integration of the robot in the cell control system and system display of the CNC processing center

  • New workpieces are produced without extensive training as the travel movements of the robot are automatically adjusted to the workpiece sizes

  • Part identification by a barcode reader is possible

  • Quiet, energy-efficient handling as energy is consumed only when a part is moved 

Workpiece length300 - 3.050 mm
Workpiece width300 - 1.675 mm
Workpiece thickness13 - 60 mm
Workpiece weightmax. 70 kg
Stack height (incl. subassembly)max. 1.500 mm
Stack subassembly EURO pallet (1.200 x 800 x 144 mm)

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