MMR (Machine Monitoring and Reporting) – capture and analysis of machine data

MMR logs all production data, including the number of workpieces produced, the run time of the machine and much more. You can evaluate this data centrally in the office at a later time, allowing you to identify and quantify any potential optimizations.


  • Systematic fault analysis for increased machine availability
  • Usage-based information for optimal maintenance
  • Highly user-friendly thanks to graphical display, simple structure and easy-to-use interface

  • Maintenance information provides usage-based display of the service work required

  • Graphical evaluation of machine statuses across adjustable periods (interval displays, Pareto charts, Gantt charts and line charts)

  • Analysis of key figures as day and shift values and via the machine operation counter

  • Fault analysis of error messages on the machine

  • Central evaluation across multiple machines or interlinked systems

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