intelliDivide Cutting

Optimization software for cutting processes on saws

Simply upload the parts list. Done! intelliDivide gives you a choice of optimized cutting patterns in an instant. Depending on requirements, results can be based on reducing waste or focus on the shortest production time or the simplest handling. And all without having to invest in software and computing power – directly from the tapio cloud.


  • Compatible with all saws: Your tapio-ready saw from HOMAG is automatically identified. There are configuration options for all other saw types.
  • Zero capital investment costs, zero hardware costs: intelliDivide is Software as a Service. You only pay for the actual use – without having to invest in on-premise software, updates or computers.
  • Greatly reduced personnel costs and time involved: Multiple alternatives are always calculated for you to choose from. The results are immediately ready for the machine, requiring no adjustments. No manual post-processing required.
  • Material management included: The materialManager for central management of material types and board sizes for the optimization is included.

  • Direct transfer of the selected result to tapio-ready machines

  • Calculation of important key figures such as material costs, parts/min. or average stacking heights in the cutting process

  • Definition of offcuts by minimum and maximum dimensions

  • Automatic transfer of data from HOMAG productionManager

  • Direct access to board data from the HOMAG materialManager

  • Can be combined with intelliDivide Nesting – two technologies, one system!

  • intelliDivide Cutting is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop
  • Internet access (DSL, UMTS, LTE): min. 5 Mbit/recommended: 50 Mbit
  • Browser application: for use on a PC or laptop, we recommend using „Microsoft Edge”, “Google Chrome” or “Firefox” as a browser
  • Log in via tapio login (tapio account required, registration at

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