Frame Work Station FRAMETEQ F-300

Frame work production in batch size 1

The WEINMANN FRAMETEQ F-300 simplifies and automates the manufacture of frame works. The distances between the studs are determined automatically, meaning that the operator only needs to place the studs and plates in the corresponding position. The studs and plates are then secured automatically. The FRAMETEQ F-300 frame work station is particularly well-suited to production capacities of 80 houses or more per year.

(Frame Work Station WEM 100)

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  • No set-up times due to production in batch size 1
  • Cost-effective first step into the automated production of frames
  • Consistently high level of precision in the frame works thanks to the NC stopper system
  • Highly flexible solution, as the system can be expanded at any time
  • Easy and clear operation with just one person via powerTouch

  • Infinitely variable wall heights

  • Convenient installation of longitudinal studs using a special device

  • Innovative and convenient powerTouch operating concept

  • A wide range of additional options: module station, stud provision units and many more

  • Fully automatic transfer of data from all popular CAD programs for timber work

Wall thickness75 - 200 [mm]
Optional: 300 [mm]
Wall height1.5 - 3.2 [m]
Optional: 3.8 [m]
Wall length6/ 8/ 10/ 12 [m]
Production capacity500 - 1,000 [mm / min]

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