Case clamp CABTEQ S-200

Solid equipment at a low price

The versatile and torsion-free case clamp was particularly developed for the efficient and flexible utilization in the field of craftsmen, in the interior finishing work as well as for the industrial special-purpose production. The CABTEQ S-200 is the ideal assembly support in the entry segment.

(Case clamp MPH 410)


  • Best quality thanks to all-over pressing
  • Absolutely tight carcasses due to pressing surfaces with tolerance compensation
  • Simplest operation by means of pushbuttons
  • Small space required

  • Highly stiff pressure unit provides absolute rectangularity of your furniture

  • No positioning of the pressing elements required

  • Simplified drive concept

  • No air connection required

Carcass dimensions 
Carcass length150 - 2,500 mm
Carcass depth250 - 700 mm
Carcass height150 - 1,400 mm
Press capacity 
verticalmax. 12 - 18 kN
horizontalmax. 12 - 18 kN
Positioning speed 
Fast motion50 mm/s
Slow motion25 mm/s
Working height300 mm
Weight2.2 t
Control contactor control

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