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20 years of HOMAG Australia – As part of the globalization of the HOMAG Group and the expansion of its reach from the manufacture of the machine to the direct relationship with the end user, the company HOMAG Australia was founded. This gives Australian manufacturers easy access to the HOMAG world and its solutions – all from one source. #TogetherForYourSolution our employees work with ambition and full of energy day in, day out. To get to know the people behind HOMAG Australia, we spoke with one of them.

For this interview, we spoke with Ross Campbell. Ross has been Managing Director of HOMAG Australia since day one and has been associated with the HOMAG Group since 1994.

HOMAG Australia is now looking back on a 20-year success-story. How did Australian woodworking industry develop in this timespan?
Ross: The Australian industry has evolved from a primarily local, regional, state-based industry to one that is a nationalized, cross border, modern and manufacturing sector. It is a willing and early adopter of technology and modern manufacturing methods.

What will be the main challenges in the Australian woodworking industry in the next years and which solutions does HOMAG Australia offer to help customers mastering them successfully?
Ross: Main challenge will be maintaining and growing the workforce, encouraging, and attracting young blood into an industry which is using increasingly high levels of very smart technology. HOMAG is developing and delivering that tech. And the exciting thing is the digitalization age is still in its infancy, there is much more to come.

What are HOMAG Australia´s core products – its daily business in term of machines?
Ross: There are three main processes for panels and parts – sizing, edge processing and drilling or shaping. The daily business reflects that. But those three processes are increasingly sophisticated with digitalization providing the pathway to the way we live, make business, and do our jobs in the future.

How important is digitalization in Australia and thus the digital products of the HOMAG Group?
Ross: These modern tools are our critical path. They are the highway to the future for the development of all industries. Speed, accuracy and ease of communications, reliability, and repeatability of processes, and of course sustainability.

What are your expectations for HOMAG Australia in the next five years?
Ross: To continue our tech development of our industry as we support our customers through their transition and adoption of modern methods of manufacturing through digitalization and automation.

What are your personal highlights in your time with HOMAG Australia?
Ross: Externally it is the longevity and robustness of the relationships HOMAG Australia has built with its many customers. Internally it is the folks that work here – many of whom are with us more than 15-years. That for me is the greatest testimony of all.

Thank you, Ross, for the exciting impressions. We are already looking forward to the next interview of our #PeopleBehindTheBrand story – stay curious!

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