Panel dividing made easy: HOMAG innovations for cutting in woodworking shops

Automated but appropriate. Easy but smart. Diverse and quick-changing. The latest HOMAG innovations for cutting in woodworking shops are scoring points with these strengths. The panel dividing innovations can be seen at HOLZ-HANDWERK. The spectrum of innovations range from the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec robot saw, through the extremely compact SAWTEQ B-130, right up to practical solutions for intelligent tool and material management.

Automatically efficient. Incredibly flexible.
SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec — The robot saw for woodworking shops

Being able to switch over is one of the most important capabilities in woodworking shops. In one instance, small batch sizes may be being cut, requiring maximum automated processing. Another situation may require large-scale processing, with large batch sizes in a package. And in between there are always express jobs. With the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec and the similarly designed SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec, HOMAG offers two saws that cover the entire range of requirements.

Both saws are equipped with an industrial robot that completes cutting in batch size 1 over long lines completely autonomously — up to 800 parts are produced per shift. If required, the operator can simply switch the saws to manual operation. This is because the saws have all the functions of a classic HOMAG single saw. They also offer maximum flexibility: Robotic cutting can even be interrupted temporarily to divide a couple of panels manually in between, for example. The operator can then switch back to automatic mode again, and the robot will continue to process the previously interrupted cutting pattern. Knowledge of robotics is not required.

At the trade fair, the HOMAG experts will be showing the principle live on a SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec. For automatic feed, the saw will have an integrated lifting table. There are also four separate lifting tables in the southern outfeed. In autonomous operation, the robot destacks to these tables. Visitors to the trade fair will also be excited to learn about additional and new developments that make working with the HOMAG robot saws even more flexible — with regard to the panel formats, for example.

NEW: Further developments for even more flexibility and automation

In future, it will be possible to process materials longer than 3200 mm in operator mode. The format of the smallest possible parts for cutting in robot mode has also been reduced. This extends the range of parts for autonomous production and also increases the flexibility in production.

Another innovation is going in the same direction: fully automated waste disposal. The principle: An integrated disk wheel shredder breaks up cutting waste such that it can be directed straight into a combustion system connected by means of direct suction. Waste will no longer be transported into a container and stored temporarily as it used to be. The advantage of this is that interruptions to robot operation due to full waste containers are a thing of the past. This reduces the number of operator interventions required, avoids errors and increases output. Instead, operators can use their time for activities that create more value.

Further optimization of operation and handling

Easing the workload for saw operators and thus releasing capacities for other activities: once again, the HOMAG developers have come up with something on the software side for this objective. Multiple premieres have been announced for HOLZ-HANDWERK. But we can say this much already: Each of the premieres will make operation and handling of the robot saws even easier, increase the level of automation, and increase the transparency and flexibility in processing.


Simply efficient: With intelligent technologies from the very beginning

Easy machine operation with maximum efficiency and flexibility in cutting: with these strengths, even the smallest HOMAG saws are impressive. It starts with the SAWTEQ B-130. It costs little more than a well-equipped circular saw while providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process. This is ensured by proven technologies in combination with forward-looking solutions such as intelliGuide basic.

The innovative operator assistance system uses LED light signals at the cutting line to guide the saw operator intuitively and reliably through the cutting process. During panel dividing, this ensures high continuous output with minimum probability of errors. With intelliGuide basic, the SAWTEQ B-130 has a real USP in its class.

NEW: With 3800-mm cutting length and feed via Easy2Feed

Another premiere: for HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG is extending the maximum cutting length of the SAWTEQ B-130 to an incredible 3800 mm. This means that, if required, larger panel formats can be processed on the entry-level saw — easily and conveniently.

A further benefit is that, with a cutting length of 3800 mm, the SAWTEQ B-130 can also be equipped with Easy2Feed for automatic feed. To enable this, a scissor lift table is integrated in the rear machine table. This can be conveniently loaded with entire panel packages from the rear machine area and thus ensures faster processes with a better flow.

SAWTEQ B-200 with significantly extended equipment options

The SAWTEQ B-200, which has been further developed, brings even more power and flexibility to woodworking shops. As standard, the compact saw has a saw blade projection of 65 mm, which can be extended to 80 mm or even 95 mm as an option. New: With effect from HOLZ-HANDWERK, all SAWTEQ B-200 saws will be equipped with a 24-inch monitor including powerTouch. The additional "motorized groove adjustment" function is available as an option. With this option, the saw completes the grooves at the same time — faster than any processing center.

The highlight: As of HOLZ-HANDWERK, the patented dustEx technology from HOMAG will also be available for the compact SAWTEQ B-200 craftsman's saw. This means that the risk of scratched surfaces is almost zero. This is ensured by special combination nozzles at the cutting line, which transport dust and chips to the right-angled fence and to the further improved suction device in a targeted way. Even dust cuts can therefore be executed cleanly and comfortably.


HOMAG innovations for material and tool management

HOMAG is also presenting exciting and innovative solutions for material and tool management in woodworking shops. The aim is once again to simplify the work of the machine operator and to make processes efficient and error-free. This is precisely what the HOMAG toolManager in the tapio ecosystem promises.

First practical experiences show that the toolManager allows a company's tools to be managed in a clear and organized way. Users can call up all of the information on individual tools and load this information to connected machines. The required data from many tool manufacturers has already been stored. For saw blades, this relates to information about the geometry, speeds and material restrictions. Users simply scan the barcode on the tool with their smartphone or tablet. They receive the information immediately and can transfer it to the saw. The result: Users no longer have to spend a long time searching for data and there are significantly fewer errors.

Users can also store and manage their own data. This means that they can define fixed tool pairs — which scoring saw is to be used with which main saw blade. Data about the tool history can also be stored, such as the duration of use, idle times, sharpening cycles and much more.

Similarly to the toolManager, in the future HOMAG will also offer a materialManager. This is also tapio-based and stores information about material classes and their properties, such as density and average weight. Users can assign the panels they manage to these classes.

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